Jokero Lorenzo Anansi

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: Jonathan M
Storyteller: Cleveland Storyteller


Information Known by Camarilla Society

Real Name: Jokero Lorenzo Anansi

Known Alias: The Barefoot Ventrue

Clan: Ventrue

Title: Seneschal of The Sixth City, Cleveland Ohio

Clan Title: Praetor (Ventrue only)

Social Class: Elder

Acknowledged within the Camarilla
Confirmed as an Elder
Established as an Elder
Privileged as an Elder
Noble as Seneschal
Architect as Architect of the Tower
Favored By Elder Prince Benedict Sebastien Cross
Favored By Clan Head Adrienne Maxwell
Loyal By the Steel Crown of the Sixth City Asher
Date of Embrace: July 11th, 1453

Anansi Spider.JPG

Apparent Age: Early 40s

Physical Description: Jokero is 5'10 tall, appears in his early 40s, black hair and lightly tanned skin, has an air of nobility, but not aristocracy about him. He will often be found in a modern day 2 or even 3 piece suit, minus his shoes. He has an appearance of Old Europe in his eyes, which are brown, and normally framed by a pair of glasses. He is of medium build, not fit nor round. He has a goatee and moustache, and rarely you might see him without a note of reservation in his mouth.

The Lineage of Jokero Lorenzo Anansi

Allies & Enemies


Mark Minion

The Warlord Prince Torquil

Harpy Benton Malory

Lotus Lateef

Shalmanisar Yuro

Helena Theodora Cross

Benedict Sebastien Cross


Elder Jokero has a special hatred of the Sabbat, the Infernalists and those who would bring chaos to the Ivory Tower.

Any who would bring Chaos to the Ivory Tower will quickly suffer his wrath, do not underestimate his thoughtfulness for anything but precision.



  • Known as the Barefoot Ventrue
  • Was personally sent by Adrienne Maxwell to rebuild the Sixth City where her childe failed.
  • Makes many friends... but is like a chameleon. You never know if he truly trusts you.
  • Always hedges his bets, perhaps to a fault.


By Self

"Bold Is Action never Taken, Wise is Discourse never Mentioned."

"Order first, and always. Sometimes it matters most for the long term for each of us to sacrifice the short term."

By Others

  • "His weapons are words, and thus becomes him. In equal parts diplomat, harbinger, architect, warrior, and steward, the Sixth City is much more than his home .. it is his mission. To that end, we align to bring the Sixth City to prominence ... hear what he says, and fear what I do not." - Prince Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Elder Anansi has hope and patience for the Sixth City where I did not. It is likely due to his age which gives him the patience for such things. While I have watched from a far, I have admired his work. He took a situation where there was strife and brought calm. I am happy to call him an ally." -Charlotte Belle
  • "Elder Anansi seeks stability and prosperity for the Sixth City. For that he will always have my respect and support."

Elder Shalmanisar Yuro

  • "Shrewd negotiator, he always gets his fair share and then some. Don't say I didn't warn you." - Spencer overheard at a Cleveland gathering.
  • "Diplomacy is the art of telling someone something unfavorable and having another thank them for it. I thanked the good Seneschal." - Costanza Rodriguez

Historical Timeline (WIP)

  • Born: September 11th, 1403
  • Embraced: July 11th, 1453

OOC Information

Jokero is French, having served in the military. Prior to his ascension, he travelled the known world between Europe, Africa and Central Asia, with the sole purpose of finding stories from far-flung areas of the world for Godefroy. His name comes from Jokero meaning trickster in African, Lorenzo after Lorenzo il Magnifico, and Anansi, the Spider God and Storyteller.

He is overzealous in his desire for order, even to the point where he will sacrifice his own ventures to maintain it. He believes it is his duty to help neonates and ancillae within his domain, especially as it has to do with protecting the Tower and its resources (mainly them). He cares deeply for the damage he perceives his clan has done in the past in The Sixth City, and he will not leave until he feels it has been fixed.

Player: Jonathan Marrero Location: Canton, Ohio


The Spider God Anansi


Ave Maria - Luciano Pavarotti

The Planets - Mars, the Bringer of War - Gustav Holst

Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

Duel of the Fates - John Williams

US2014060051 - Jonathan M.