Jonas Albright

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Sabbat PC

Player: Jacob Tessendorf
Character: Jonas Albright
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Position: Archbishop, Pack Priest
Domain: Raleigh
VST: Chris Rombach

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Pack Priest


Initiated as True Sabbat

Ordained as Pack Priest

Authority as Archbishop

Ordained as Archbishop

Glorious as Archbishop


Character Information

Name: Jonas Albright the Arcanist, Talib al-Ajam
Clan: Brujah antitribu
Pack: The Arcanum
Political Faction: Moderate

Notable Traits:

  • Known as a stalwart Moderate. He will treat all members of the Sabbat with the respect they have earned. He will mediate any dispute.
  • He always seems to have papers and notes on his person.
  • He is a known Occultist. He has great stores of knowledge and can be consulted on many occult problems


1715 - Born in England
1730 - Introduced to the Occult by a local Priestess
1731 - Attends Oxford University
1736 - Embraced after graduating from Oxford
1746 - Declared True Sabbat
1747 to 1798 - Travels all over Eastern Europe learning about the Occult and studying with the Tzimicse
1799 - Embraces his Daughters in Constantinople
1803 - 2nd Sabbat Civil War - Sets himself up as a neutral 3rd party in the War
1918 to 1946 - Travels the Middle East looking for Caine lore
1947 to 1956 - Lives in Mexico City. Occult Advisor
1957 - 3rd Civil War - Establishes himself as a neutral 3rd Party once again



Quotes & Rumors

  • "He's not bad for an old bastard. I'll probably learn a lot from him, if he can stay around longer." - Serenity
  • "Word words words" - Character Name

OOC Information

Player: Jacob Tessendorf

Inspiration Soundtrack

  • Song 1
  • Song 2

Concept Inspirations

  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Indiana Jones