Jonas Fletcher

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Character Information
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Renown: ••••
Cunning: •••
City: Detroit, MI
Pack: Grimwater
Player: [
Storyteller: [mailto:]
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Real Name: Jonas G. Fletcher

Deed Name:

Pack: Grimwater Pack

Position: Scout

Age: Late 20's

Backstory and Personality

Born to lower-middle-class parents and two older sisters in Louisiana, Jonas has never cared for the city life. When he was old enough to walk, he was constantly wandering off and exploring, be it a city park or a patch of woods near school. His attention was not on sports or buisness, but on the great outdoors. He relished every fishing trip, every camping excursion, every vacation that his family went on. As the years went by, however, such trips grew more and more scarce. By the time Jonas was a young man of his own, his father had been laid off and taken to drink, his mother had sunk into a crippling depression, and his sisters had left for New Orleans and Atlanta. Most of the people in Jonas' small town had either left, died or spent most of their time with their drug of choice. No longer content with breaking his back with nothing to show for it but more beer bottles and nicotine stains, Jonas gathered up his money and his gear, and walked out to live on the land.

Four years Jonas spent in the wilderness, trekking up and down and across the nation, from the Great Plains to the Appalachian Mountains. He had a knack for finding food and getting a hold of shelter, and quickly picked up on how to fix himself up if things went south. If something really went wrong, he made sure that he could get into a town. Lean and unkempt as he was, he did well. Until his twenty-fifth year, anyway.

One autumn night, Jonas found himself being stalked. He wasn't entirely sure as to what they were, but he knew they were following him, watching him, keeping a close eye on him. It escalated quickly one night when he quickly found himself surrounded by what seemed to be a pack of wolves. They stared at him, sniffed at him and his hatchet, and then what he assumed was the Alpha jumped up, bit him on the arm, and bolted. He got into town as soon as he could, fearing that the wolf might've been rabid. He was wrong. Over the next two weeks he quickly found himself getting angry at hang-ups, staring at the moon, losing track of small things and hearing crunching sounds in the dead of night. Finally, on a night when the only light in the skies came from the stars, it all came to a boil as he sat by the campfire. His insides lit ablaze, his body warped and shifted, his mind went blank in a rush of primal fear and bestial rage.

Upon waking the next day, the exhausted, stranded and practically nude Jonas found himself surrounded by the same wolves that'd cornered him those nights before; save for the fact that after a moment they'd all turned into people. Since then Jonas has traveled alongside the Grimwater Pack, putting his skills at tracking, foraging and hatchetwork to good use on both sides of the Gauntlet. Jonas isn't terribly keen on becoming renowned and legendary; he just wants to make sure the world's a safer, better place for his pack.

Calm and unassuming, though prone to speaking out of turn, Jonas stands at roughly six feet in height. Wiry and lean, he keeps his chestnut-brown hair at shoulder length, ropy and tangled. His beard is much the same way. Though he occasionally dresses in different clothing to account for the weather or special occasions, Jonas generally stays in his flannel shirt, worn jeans and hiking boots. He's seldom seen without a backpack, in which he keeps all sorts of survival tools, not least of which being his trusty hatchet and his knife.


"If you see me an' hear me, it's because I want you to."

"I don't mean to call you incompetent; after all, it's your land. But, uh. That's stupid."

"I'm not really understandin' the point of goin' to a store and buyin' food when you can go out and hunt it yourself. Doesn't sound too wise, or too fun."

"Spirits ain't somethin' that you're gonna get the better of by just smackin' around. Not usually, anyways."

"Nah, it's edible. I'm sure of it."


  • Jonas' middle name is Gertrude.
  • Jonas absolutely refuses to use firearms. When asked why, he simply responds with "I have my reasons."
  • Jonas has named his hatchet "Sarah."
  • Jonas has a scar on the back of his thigh where he was struck by a klaive. He seldom speaks of the incident.
  • As anyone who's fought alongside him can attest, Jonas dislikes taking the Gauru form, and often complains about doing so afterwards.

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Nate Nash

Location: MI-014-D

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