Jonathan Brightwater

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Awakening PC

Player: Jason Arons
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder •••
Position: Hierarch
Consilium: Savannah,GA •••••
City: Savannah
Cabal: Guiding Hand
VST: Jason Arons

Birth Name:Jonathan Brightwater

Shadow Name:Jonathan Brightwater

Sleeper Alias: Mr. Brightwater

Offices: Hierarch

Quote: I have sacrificed a great deal for this Consilium, I won’t see it fall


  • April, 1962 - Born
  • 1978 – Awakened
  • 1978 – Joined the Silver Ladder
  • 1982 - Founds the Cabal Guiding Hand
  • 1992 – Becomes Hierarch after his Fathers death
  • 2001 – Steps down from Hierarch to travel
  • 2013 - Executed for colluding with soul stealers.

Character Description

Older white male; tailored suit appropriate for the summer heat of Savannah. Shaved head, dark eyebrows and brooding eyes.


A larger image of himself superimposed behind him, looming over the scene

Looking For

Power to defend and grow the Consilium of Savannah


  • The Seers never attack when he is in a position of power having defeated a large cell in the 80s.
  • Brightwater Farms is a powerful Hallow defended by the family line.
  • These farms also house terrible horrors below the surface.
  • He was framed for his crimes by someone who wanted power.

OOC Information

Player: NPC Jason A. US2009074365

Location: Savannah, GA