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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

R.I.P Fallen on November 9th.

Silver Fangs
Carter Family

Apocalypse PC

Player: Felix Blinn
Character: Jonathan Carter
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang
Position: Master of the Challenge
Rank: Cliath
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise
Domain: AZ-010-D

Character Information

Name: Jonathan Carter

Deed Name: Rises on Swift Wings

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silver Fang

Position: Master of the Challenge, Pack Alpha

Pack: Rending Fury

Renown: Glory 2 Honor 1 Wisdom 0

Notable Traits: Silver Fang Pure Breed 5, Enchanting Voice, Natural Leader

Known to the Nation

Not much is yet known about this Cub. In Phoenix, people know he is a Silver Fang, he is just newly changed, and he's a lot older than most cubs are at their first change since he's 34.

August, 2013 update: He just recently went through his trials for the Rite of Passage and earned the Deed Name Rises on Swift Wings.

September, 2013 update: Formed a new pack called Rending Fury.

October, 2013 update: Lost his daughter in an assault upon a meeting of Black Spiral Dancers and Vampires.

History as Garou

Since Jonathan was a small boy, he knew he was destined to change and become a proud warrior of the Silver Fang. As time passed, however, and the first change did not happen, Jonathan started to doubt his path. The stress and the anticipation weighed heavily upon his mind. Eventually he was married to Laura and he subsumed his desire to be a full Garou. He found a rich life as a Husband and a Father. In 2009, tragedy struck as his oldest child was murdered by gangsters. Jonathan may have done nothing then but the loss was yet another weight on him. Then in June of 2013, three Black Spiral Dancer showed up at his house to capture the family. Knowing what would happen to his Wife and Daughter if they were taken, Jonathan tried to fight the three tainted werewolves. A racking claw to his back dropped him to his knees. Before he could be struck again, his wife, Laura leapt to his aid. The last thing he saw before everything went red was his proud Silver Fang kinfolk wife, bloody kitchen knife in hand, die right in front of him. His First Change had finally come. The three BSDs were expecting a kin family. They were not prepared for an enraged warrior of Gaia in their midst. Jonathan had not been idle in the years he had been waiting. He had trained and prepared as best he could. With the change upon him, he ripped into the BSDs with a hot fury of claws and teeth, and he prevailed. Surprised and wounded, the three ran, bloodied and limping from his attack. Bleeding from his own wounds, Jonathan finally came to himself and changed back. When the Garou of the local Sept finally arrived, they found him wounded and bleeding, grief stricken and cradling his wife with his Daughter crying in the background and vengence in his heart.

The Family Stuff

House and Lineage


House: Wyrmfoe
Notable Heritage: Branch Family of the Morningkill's
Morningkill Branch

Immediate Family

  • Laura Carter, Wife, Silver Fang kinfolk, Died on June 15th, 2013 from a Black Spiral Dancer Attack.
  • Steven Carter, Son, Silver Fang Prechange, Died in 2011 after getting caught in the cross fire of gang violence.
  • Linda Carter, Daughter, 14 years old, Died on October 12th during an attack on a meeting of Vampires and Black Spiral Dancers.

Extended Family

What Others Say

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  • I raked my claws across his face the moment he was given his name. The first blood drawn upon him as a member of the Nation, was mine to claim. He will remember that moment, and if he lives long enough, he will one day stand before me as an equal. When that happens, it will be my blood that is taken in offering. Such is the way of the Children of Falcon, the Nation will need him long after my time has past. I will ensure that he is strong enough and ready to do what must be done when our home no longer has my hand to guide. My gift, in honor of his accomplishments, and in respect of his brood. Storm's Cold Fury
  • None of us are safe from tragedy, it's the nature of our kind, but still...this one's had a bit worse than others. We will see if he can find his spirit within the Rage. - Returns the Faith
  • "He came into my office...and he said thank you. He listened when I made suggestions, and he took them. Even if he was just being polite, he was more man than any Silver Fang I've ever met because of it. Mr. Carter is a unique blend of man, wolf, and leader. He'll make our sept proud, and I look forward to seeing the future unfold." - Tia Ragins, Glasswalker Kin
  • " I respect Jonathan as my equal for both his strength to push forward and for the words he gave that honored my brother, Liam, after his passing." Morgan Callaghan
  • "He's a stubborn asshole and he never listens and he doesn't ever give good advice, but he's my dad and I love him." - Linda Carter

The Spirits Whisper

  • Jonathan was in Phoenix because his family was hiding him there out of shame for him taking so long to undergo his first change.
  • Despite his claims that she was killed by the Black Spiral Dancers, Jonathan killed his wife in his Rage Frenzy.

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OOC Information

Player: Felix Blinn

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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