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Sabbat PC

Player: Jennifer Cole
Character: Jordaan
Clan: Tzimisce
Position: Abbot
Domain: Detroit, MI
Archtype: Enigma
VST: Mike Nash

"In His House at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"



Character Information

Cthulhu.jpg Name: Jordaan

TzimisceJordaan.jpg Clan: Tzimitsce


Pack: November Gale

Status: Accepted, Loyalist

Title or Positon: Ship's Surgeon/Abbot

Sire: The Crew's last Priest

Notable Traits

One white eye, a fondness for death, and has been known to have long conversations with dead things. Extremely random at random times.


Jordaan is the ship's surgeon for the November Gale, a pirate crew, known for smuggling, extortion, organ harvesting, and random disposal of weak crew members.

Jordaan herself provides ships, thr commual haven, and the different creatures needed to do what needs to be done at any given time, as well as sells/trades a few custom creations on the side.

Fellow Crew Members
Bayu The Ferryman

Known Associates

Mysterious Associations

Known Enemies


Information Known by Kindred Society
Of Portuguese decent
Born: 1955 Michigan
Embraced: 1990 Cape Verde

Notable Events




OOC Themes/Influences/Inspirations

Movie: Nightbreed

Music:Dead Bodies Everywhere

Music: Boadicea

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer Cole

MES: US2013050026

Location: Detroit