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Character Information
Auspice: [[:Category:|]]
Tribe: Ghost Wolf {{{{{Tribedots}}}dots}}
Renown: {{{{{Renowndots}}}dots}}
Glory: ••
Purity •••
Player: Brighton Brooks
Storyteller: Jeffrey Waldon

[[Category:]] Real Name: James "Jordan" Trebouchard

Deed Name: None

Pack: None

Position: None

Age: 25

Noticeable Traits: Jordan has a swath of scars running up his neck to the left side of his face. They look artfully done and ritualistic. He presumably has more scars, but keeps himself prudishly covered, even during summer. Jordan has an odd accent that sometimes sounds southern, or when he's angry more like French Canadian. He favors dark jeans or Carharts, a T-shirt and button-up dress shirt, and some manner of hat.

Info Known by Uratha


Jordan is a quiet man, but willing to give his opinion when asked. He seems to enjoy hard work and figuring out difficult situations. Little is known about his past other than he claims to be from Quebec. He can often be found in bars and boxing matches or other sporting events. As a nomad and a Ghost Wolf he is often not well trusted by those who do not know him.


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  • Jordan is a ruthless pragmatist.

Friends & Enemies

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  • Cold (I'm Still Here) (Evan's Blue)
  • Guilty (Gravity Kills)
  • The Hollow (A Perfect Circle)
  • Blood & Water (Sorne)

OOC information

Player Name: Brighton Brooks

Location: Fairbanks, AK

Other Info: