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Character Information


Name: Jordan Donati-Kincaid
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Archbishop, San Francisco
Former Positions: Bishop of War, San Francisco
Concept: World War 2 Captain


Kincaid is 6'3", with long brown and gray hair and brown eyes. He typically wears 1940s casual attire; suit pants, a button-up shirt, a vest, and a low top hat. He carries a dragon head staff that he claims was a gift from a long-dead comrade.

Perhaps most noticeable oddity is Kincaid's shadow. Though it often mimics his movements, as it ought (though not always with exact precision, which would unsettle some viewers), when Kincaid is extremely agitated or experiencing some other strong emotion, it often acts independently, mirroring his mood. In this way, it is sometimes impossible for Kincaid to conceal his true feelings, even if his face and posture are calm and composed.

When in Black Metamorphosis, Kincaid's shadow will envelop everything around him, as well as permeating his skin, making it dark and giving his eyes a white glow. His Arms of the Abyss appear as heavy black chains tipped with some sort of large grappling hooks.

Personality and Reputation

As a leader, Kincaid is known to be a paragon of the Path of Power and Inner Voice. He does not tolerate challenges to his authority lightly, but he is also extremely loyal to those under his command and will not allow them to be abused by outside forces. He leads by example whenever possible, and does not shy away from battle. He is a fierce and competent fighter, far faster than most of his clan. He is able to fight in several different ways, but he prefers either attacking enemies at a distance with Flick, or else simply bludgeoning them with his fists and feet. Kincaid values the input of everyone in his Diocese. Despite his own Ultraconservative leanings, this includes the Diocese's many Loyalists.

Known History

In life, Jordan Kincaid was a captain in the US Army during World War 2. His service record was exemplary, with awards for personal valor as well as leadership. (OOC: Out of respect for our Armed Forces, I am not going to name any specific medals or awards.) His military record is publicly available, and lists him as KIA.

Kincaid was Embraced shortly before the end of the war. The particular circumstances of the Embrace are theoretically known only to himself and his sire. Immediately after Embrace, Kincaid demonstrated fanatic motivation to become as powerful as possible. He became involved in strikes against the Anarchs, the Giovanni, the Assamites, and of course the Ivory Tower. Within ten years of Embrace, Kincaid's blood was as potent as his Grandsire's, and he was a paragon of the Path of Power and Inner Voice.

He continued to serve the Sabbat as a soldier until 2015, when he was named to the position of Bishop of War in San Francisco. Six months later, he successfully challenged his grandsire for the position of Archbishop of San Francisco.


  • Initiated
  • Authority
  • Glorious
  • Ordained
  • Courageous (Awarded by Lennox, Cardinal of the South)
  • Loyal (Awarded by Tommy Swift, Archbishop of Puerto Rico)
  • Triumphant (Gained after consecutive Monomacy victories against Cassiel, Trassius, and Iggy)
  • Battle-Scarred (Awarded by pack ductus)


  • "You'd be wise not to cross my husband. While he may be a tolerant individual, he does not stand for those who do not respect his rank, which he has rightfully earned."Vincenza Kincaid-Donati
  • "What. A. Fucking. Fight."Iggy
  • "A valiant warrior. I witnessed his skill at the Eides of Caine in New Orleans. I was honored to assist him in the little way that I was able, and see to it that he was safely on his own two feet."Ambriel


Grandsire: Cassiel (Former Archbishop of San Francisco)
Sire: Luciana Donati
Broodmates: Santiago di Medici, Arias de Avila-Donati, Pasquale Donati, Anacleto Pino Accardi-Donati, Mason Donati-Lafee
Childer: Vincenza Kincaid-Donati


Leadership philosophy: Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
Appearance and Personal Philosophy: Nicodemus Archleone (The Dresden Files)
Fighting style (hand to hand): Muhammad Ali, Baki Hanma (Grappler Baki)
Fighting style (Flick):

Player Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Rob Cunningham
Storyteller: Donavon Forester

Player: Rob Cunningham

MES Number: US2006098714

Location: San Francisco, CA