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"Veritas Omnia Vincit"

"Truth Conquers All"


Domain: Puerto Rico

Character Information
Auspice: Suharrahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Renown: ••••• ••
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
City: Puerto Rico
Pack: None
Player: Dwayne Beveridge
Storyteller: [mailto:; Virtual Forsaken VST]

Notable Traits

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Dress Code: Tight T-shirt and Cargo pants, almost always. Loose pockets to hold a Variety of things.
  • Smoking Gun on his left arm, at the shoulder.
  • He has a Navy Seal Tattoo on his Right arm and A scar around his right arm at the shoulder, where his arm was ripped off.
  • A pair of lower arm tattoos, one showing Fenris-Ur, and the other showing Red Claw standing Proudly, that when brought together reveals the scene of Redclaw Refusing to Bow to Fenris-Ur.
  • Typically, smells like alcohol.
  • A Caucasian American wandering the streets of Puerto Rico.
  • Looks Physically Strength 5
  • Looks Physically Stamina 5

Commonly Known

Real Name: Adam Gordon de Leon (Largely Unknown)

Alias  : Jose Gordon

Auspice: Suharrahu (Trickster Moon)

Tribe: Blood Talon

Nick Names: "Survivor" (Deed Name)

Position: None

Age: 33 Renown: Renown Log

Physical Traits:

  • Looks Physically Strength 5
  • Looks Physically Stamina 5

Jose's Bar

IRC Room : #Josesbarandgrill


Feel free to add your own.

  • Jose killed a man and took his identity.


Feel free to add your own Quotes.

  • "You are no one's Prey, and I should know" - Marie
  • "He is my first true Friend and cooks a mean tasty steak. Any man that knows how to cook gets my vote". - Chelsea Dianna Winters
  • "Jose, if it’s still you in there don’t you dare go die on me you fuck. If you do, I’m sooo wearing pink to your funeral… and painting your walls pink too!" - Chelsea
  • "I got swallowed by a Mountain, got saved by a Maeljin, ended up getting fucked by two werewolves, and THEN survived a Volcanic eruption by riding in a turtle-spirit's mouth.... After getting skinned alive, repeatedly."
  • "I've had 'years' to hone my anger. As a beating-post. as a SEAL, and as a slave."

Pack: None


  • Alyson Micheals

OOC Information

Player: Dwayne Beveridge

MES #: CA2012011401

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (CA D-14)

Player Email: