Joseph Harker

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Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat ••
Statuses: Initiated, Enlightened
City: Orlando, FL
Player: Michael Rosenblum
Storyteller: Charles Rashed

Character Information

Name: Joseph Harker

Clan: Tzimisce Koldun

Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: September 1988

Notable Features:

  • Eerie presence
  • Permanent fangs
  • Cold breeze
  • Touch of frost

Pack: None at present


  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Enlightened on the Path of Metamorphosis

Description: Joseph stands about 5'8" tall and is deathly skinny to the point of appearing skeletal due to a thyroid condition he suffered from when he was still alive. His hair is long and black, and he has changed his eye color to red. The Sabbat's sect symbol is tattooed on his left shoulder. The nails on the fingers of his left hand have been extended outward to about an inch. He is fond of wearing a hooded black cloak, but sometimes wonders if it comes across as "campy" to other Cainites.


  • He possesses a mastery over languages and can speak, write, and understand 33 different languages.
  • He has mastered koldunic fire.
  • He may or may not have been the Cainite that set the University of Central Florida's Arena on fire.


OOC Information

Player: Michael Rosenblum

MES Number: US2012040075

Location: Orlando, Florida

Character Ties

You should totally message me if:

  • You are a Metamorphosist and want to trade notes/are looking to get onto the Path.
  • You are a koldun and want to talk koldun-y things with me.
  • You are in Orlando/visiting Orlando and want to help out with the cause here.
  • You are looking for a tie-in with some random Cainite in the Florida area.
  • You are a regular Tzimisce and are willing to teach me Vicissitude.