Joseph Phibbs

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: Ryan Garriga
Storyteller: Christian Stephenson

Name: Joseph Phibbs

Clan: Brujah

Notable Traits: Always wears a skeleton key somewhere on his person.

Status VI

"Acknowledged" in his domain of the Mississippi Gulf Coast;

"Well-Known" in the Camarilla,

"Famous" among kindred as a Prince;

"Exalted" as Prince of the Domain of the Mississippi Gulf Coast;

"Vigilant" by Primogen of Clan Brujah since 1945/46, Duke Ladislauv Habsburg III; New Orleans;

"Prudent" by Elder Lysander Kriti, Seneschal of New Orleans.

Coteries/Societies: TBD

Information Known by Kindred Society

Joseph is considered to be a rather relaxed Brujah by most of the kindred he comes into contact with never quick to anger or even quick to violence. Joseph has traveled with Marshal Jones for the last 13 years staying mostly in the southern portions of the United States. Joseph is always seen wearing a skeleton key on him at some point he protects it more than he protects anything else and is often seen fiddling with it when he gets bored in conversation with someone. Joseph and Marshal have recently opened a Burlesque Club together named Prohibition on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Joseph is almost fanatically devoted to the Camarilla he is very loud and vocal in his support of the Ivory Tower. He is a lover of debate and arguments he prefers only doing them with people who will not throw status as the easy win. Joseph is Prince of the domain of the Mississippi Gulf Coast


  • I hear hes a double agent working with a powerful Anarch Brujah.
  • Every lock has a key what does his key open?
  • I heard hes actually a Ventrue working off a life boon to a Brujah who saved him.
  • Hes had a hand in putting two princes in Praxis but why did it take him so long to take it himself?
  • He's related to the Carnegie's but speaks Italian perfectly why?
  • He bought that nightclub to keep Marshal from joining the Ivory Patriots again.
  • Additions Welcome


  • "I've heard legend that Elders could hurl tanks with the ease of footballs and that some kindred could even make entire city blocks disappear, but never will any be better at having the final word than Joseph Phibbs"- Marshal Jones
  • "Mortals have a saying dont fuck with a wounded bear. Joseph has made me realize it should be Dont fuck with a wounded Brujah." - Desdemona Destiny
  • "So many juicy morsels in the world. MEATS AND GRAVY AND BLOOD AND FLESH!!! Joseph Phibbs - mmh - a smooth talking gentlemen. He knows who to talk to and how. Also, calmest Brujah I've ever met. Now go away...I'm starving." - Lysander Kriti
  • "He is kindhearted and compassionate, a rare trait in Kindred society. His compassion draws others to follow his lead, I believe he would convince a horde of mongols to follow his lead away from their warpath." - Niles Davros
  • "He offers amiable conversation - I suppose I should capitalize on his time now, before it becomes too valuable." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Calm, collected, composed. He'll move quietly about the room, if at all, letting others, usually sycophants, come to him. Here lies hope for the Domain he resides in, and watches over" - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "Beneath his oft calm exterior, Mr. Phibbs possesses a heart of fire. I have had the privilege of seeing said heart rise to the fore, and I cherish the memory." - Todd Thornton
  • "Mr. Phibbs does considerable harm to the negative reputation Clan Brujah has established for itself in the last century." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "I don't think you could find a better friend than Joseph. He has more than earned my trust and continues to remind me why he is deserving of it." - Julia Hamby
  • "My Uncle Joseph is a different type of Brujah than I am. Where I am a warrior, he is a scholar. Where I guard, he advises. Mr. Phibbs might seem to be a pushover, but shove him and you will find he shoves back, hard and quick." - Robert Middleton
  • "Mr. Phibbs, is an esteemed individual who loves to argue and loves to fight a long hard battle. I have watched this and grown fond of his arguing. I am practicing to argue with our good Phibbs so i started arguing with rocks. I find it the best practice because hes so stubborn and thick skulled. Maybe when im done practicing i will bring a sledge hammer to make sure that I can crack that skull like i did the rock when the rock won the fight." Zarad Smith
  • "As honorable as he is resilient, clever as they come to boot. His mettle does not break." - Donnie Parish
  • "We recall with fondness the elders of his blood, and hours of debate enlivened by rare moments of startling insight. We are pleased to see that Mr. Phibbs shares the great talent of his elders for challenging convention without being crass." Nezaire Morneault
  • "Prince Phibbs is a fair man. He judges members of his court and its guests based on their own merit. This is fortunate for me... unfortunate for others." - Cosette St. Marie
  • "Having Prince Phibbs as a neighbor is fortunate. Having him as a contemporary is delightful. Having him as a friend of both myself and my family, in its various forms and a blessing. Watching him become the Prince he is soon to be is that extra bit of (oh, how would my Son say it)....Jazz to the room." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge


Great Great Great Grandsire: TBD

Great Great Grandsire: Alabama Ben

Great Grandsire: Napoleon Lopez

Grandsire: Alexis Levasseur

Sire: Liliane Idris

Known Childer


Character Soundtrack


Strangers here still seem strange

They hear the accent, know I'm from nowhere near but I speak the language and I know the customs here I come from over the horizon pass through every dozen years Go home, tell of my arrival The skeleton key's here


You're keeping in step
In the line
Got your chin held high and you feel just fine
Cause you do
What you're told
But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold.

OOC Information

Name: Ryan Garriga

MES Number: US2013050032

Location: Long Beach, MS

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