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Cabaret by Aceoft

Josephine Blanc-Capet

The Woman

Name: Josephine Blanc-Capet

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1915

Generation: Ancilla


  • Josie


  • Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Honorable, from Harpy Taka of Charleston


  • None

Current Location: Charleston, SC


Concept/Background: Cabaret singer from modest roots in France. She started her career in Paris, worked in the Moulin Rouge, and eventually came to America when cabaret began in the states. She is a socialite and gets along easily with people of all backgrounds. When people want to interact with mortal society, she is generally a good choice to work through.

Notable Traits:

  • Whisper of Life
  • Personal Masquerade
  • Particularly skilled in Cabaret and Romantic Songs, though she has learned to perform various genres of music over the years.
  • Speaks an array of languages.
  • Crafts custom figurines.


  • Dressed well 99% of the time: Fashionable or High-Class Clothing, Painted Nails, Makeup, Lovely Jewelry, etc.

The Family

House Affiliation

House Capet



House d'Aumont

What They Say


  • "Josephine's got quite a pair of lungs on her ... and she's a great singer too" - Nigel York
  • "She keeps saying that it's over between us, but she keeps coming back for another ride on the Nigel Express. Can't say that I blame her. I'd have trouble quitting me too." - Nigel York
  • "I do not know what I did to deserve her love and affection, but I am grateful for it." - Jan Pavlicek
  • "Insert Quote Here" - Your Name Here


  • "Rumour has it that she is secretly addicted to Nigel York, in more ways than one.
  • "Insert Rumor Here" - Your Name Here




This section is OOC knowledge unless you are involved in that portion of the timeline, or have learned it IN PLAY.

1884: Born just outside Paris to the mistress of a prestigious man of higher station, Josephine’s early life was made up of dreams her mother thought she would never have the chance to see realized. She grew up singing to all who would hear her, be they human, animal, or even the plants in her mother’s gardens.

1896: Josephine is found performing with a children’s choir in a small church in Paris. A man (her father) in the audience is entranced by her amazing vocal ranges, and approaches her after the service is let out. When he learns her name, he promptly leaves without another word.

1897: Josephine's father returned to his regnant, Zahra Blanc and mentioned that Josephine's prostitute mother had named her child after him. He has no interest in the girl, but Zahra makes a decision to get involved. Zahra Blanc purchases Josephine from her mother in order to help the woman in life. Zahra leaves Josephine to stay with the woman, guiding her life from outside.

1897-1903: Josephine's life begins to change. She attends school in Paris to gain a proper education and begin expanding her skills in the arts of song and dance. Over the years, she gains a love for Zahra like a distant Aunt. Josephine is taught the importance of not speaking of the true nature of her 'Aunt'.

1903: Flocks to the reopening of the Moulin Rouge, her talent immediately realized and put to work. A selection of personal fans and admirers make her an instant hit.

1909: Josephine begins touring France and Europe with her talent.

1903-1911: Josephine continues to work for her benefactor. She is sometimes tasked with collecting kine to return to Zahra's Chantry for use in Tremere work. Though she is uncomfortable with the task at times, she begins to stage her kidnappings against villains and criminals of the mortal world, and learns the valuable lesson that there are times when one must do things they may not particularly enjoy in order to further their desires in life or take care of their loved ones. Josephine treasures the Puppets and other trinkets that Zahra gifts her, and often returns from travels and tours with items she hopes Zahra will enjoy.

1911: Josephine attends Serratus' bar in Chicago to watch and performances and experience other forms of music. She falls foul to Micky one night, and soon has her purse returned to her by Serratus himself. Josephine sings in the bar a few times in gratitude. The locals begin to get an idea of how good she is as she continues to sing on future visits from some of her own selections. Under the eye of Penny Dreadful, Serratus begins to fall under the sway of infatuation after a particularly lovely performance of an Old Irish song, including the Gaelic portions.

1912: Immigrates to Chicago shortly after the beginning of American Cabaret and begins performing in an establishment run by James Harlan.

1913: Caught Anabelle d'Aumont’s eye at a Cabaret performance in Chicago. Highly talented already, Josephine was ghouled for the next couple of years to ensure that she could handle the embrace.

1914: Penny Dreadful catches another of Josephine's performances, at the club belonging to James Harlan. She soon learns that Josephine is now the ghoul of Anabelle d'Aumont, and that she can speak both German and Russian. Serratus has been attending her performances for some time now, and Penny Dreadful's interest now grows after learning of Josephine's aptitude with various languages. Dreadful encourages Serratus to keep a distant eye on Josephine for possible poaching or to 'rescue' her should her current regnant grow bored of her.

1915: Envious of the influences amassed by Annabelle, another member of Kindred society notices the closeness between Regnant and Ghoul. After one of Josephine’s performances in November, she is followed and subsequently attacked. Serratus witnesses the attack, and gives chase to the attacker. As Serratus returns, he witnesses as Anabelle, having been following the woman home, takes Josephine into her arms and offers her the embrace. Always the wallflower, the man is unfortunately unable to take Josephine for himself. Penny Dreadful consoles Serratus and distracts him onto more useful tasks until Josephine leaves Chicago in 1917.

January 1923: Josephine is grabbed by a Toreador Antitribu who has been watching her for some time. Said Toreador goes about removing her tongue and mangling her vocal chords night after night, seeking to destroy something beautiful.

March 1923: Penny Dreadful and Serratus hear of Josephine's disappearance and go about facilitating her rescue. They return her to the local court where she meets Meredith. Serratus honorably refuses a Life Boon in exchange for a Gaelic song and a dance at some future time when she has recovered. Josephine has been so traumatized by her time in the Toreador Anti's grasp that she barely speaks, and no longer sings. Meredith Sutton begins trying to help Josephine find her voice again.

November 1923: Dimitri Sutton, in protecting Josephine in the case that her captor returns to continue their vile acts, encounters the Toreador Antitribu attempting to do just that, and puts the monster to ash.

Mid 1924: Josephine is truly back to herself, socializing and singing like the woman she was before these traumatic events.

1964: Performing in local speak-easies with a Jazz group, Josephine catches the eye of another Toreador who finds himself unable to finish his meeting due to the distraction her singing provides. Some nights later, Josephine enters his tattoo shop with some of the other performers, accompanying them while they go to him for tattoo work. Josephine is bored, but seeking interaction, and soon finds herself entranced with Darius Thorne's work. They exchange information to meet again later.

1964 cont: Penny Dreadful comes across Josephine singing in a small bar during her travels. Dreadful requests the Russian and German songs from their past, causing Josephine to recall her time in Chicago. They spend the entirety of an evening chatting and catching up on events of the past forty years. Dreadful congratulates Josephine on her recovery, and the two part ways. Dreadful carries word to Serratus of Josephine's recovery so that he might one day claim his long delayed song and dance.

1990: Begins working with Nigel York in Los Angeles as her agent of sorts. They begin a romance six months into their professional relationship, which carries on for a time.

Late 1991: Josephine tells Nigel that their romantic relations are not working out due to his lack of commitment. This part of their relationship ends amicably, and she continues to work with him professionally for some time after, despite his attempts to sleaze his way back under the sheets with her.

  • 2015: Moves to Charleston, SC to begin spreading her talent there.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Liz N
Storyteller: James Andrews VST

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Player Information

Liz N

Cam Number: US2010076348
Home Domain: Charleston, SC
Email: enamiotkomes <at> gmail
MC: 13
Domain: Charleston By Night, SC-012-D
Coord: Emily P
DST: Matthew C

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