Juan Ramon Ernesto Montoya

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Former Prince Montoya of San Antonio

The Penitent


"Que Dios Me Perdone Por Mis Pecados."

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Jonathan Fuller
Storyteller: Travis Kearns

Character Information


Lineage: Not publicly known

Age: Not publicly known, presumed 1600s.

Domain: San Antonio, Texas

Aliases: The Penitent Prince, The Vanquisher

Description (in lieu of photographs)

  • Prince Montoya wears his hair and beard long, as he eschews the practice of being groomed by a retainer. Most nights, he wears a simple, dark suit. When necessary, he wears utilitarian clothing, such as jeans and shirts, and sturdy boots. A sabre usually hangs from his belt. He always wears a silver ring bearing a black cross.

Known Information

  • Montoya was a War Bishop of the Sabbat.
  • Montoya's conversion to the Camarilla resulted in the destruction of several Vanquished.
  • Montoya risked life and limb when recruited by Robert Halloran's associate, Tony D., to rescue Halloran from the Sabbat after they had kidnapped him.
  • During an assault, Montoya was seen destroying half a pack on his own. When the pack leader laid torpid in his hands, Montoya stared into the Ductus' eyes before separating the head from the body and tossing them aside. He was heard to utter the words "Que Dios me perdone por mis pecados."

Personal Quotes

  • "Thirty second court? I like him already." - Lilah Monroe
  • "Thank God this city is run by a Spaniard." - Miguel Culebra
  • "I think Prince Montoya is a pretty cool guy. He vanqs the Vanqd and doesn't afraid of anything." -Jan Schwartz


  • Montoya's conversion is a simple ruse, the kind of half-assed political trap that only an idiot would set.
  • Montoya is incredibly religious, and converted due to a message from God.
  • Montoya's conversion is legitimate, and he attempts to atone for his past actions.
  • Montoya is Blood Bound to a member of the Primogen Council.
  • Montoya is a puppet of his irreverent Seneschal, Jan Schwartz
  • Montoya is allergic to shellfish, and frenzies at the sight of paella.
  • Montoya made landfall with Hernán Cortés, and still has a secret trove of Aztec gold.
  • Montoya was the lover of Bishop Isabella Cortez, and knows how she faked her death.
  • Montoya is a puppet of his irreverent Seneschal.

OOC Info

Player: Jonathan Fuller

MES Number: US2011057700