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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Ann Arbor, MI
Player: US2002021121
Storyteller: John Thomas


Full Name: Juggler
Clan: Malkavian (Clan of The Moon)
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 1618
Sire: The Venetian

Generation: 8th Gen

Bloodline: Malkavian
Lineage: House Oculus
Notable Traits: Peaceful and calm, blond dreadlocks, covered in tattoo's - see sidebar pics for a few
Position: Primogen
Title: Juggler
Coteries/Societies: Thought Police

  • Acknowledged by Buchanan of Ann Arbor, MI (abiding)
  • Confirmed, Established and Privileged as an Elder (abiding)
  • Noble as Primogen of the Moon (abiding)
  • Seen as "Loyal" by Prince Jacqueline Moreau, Ann Arbor (fleeting)
  • Notoriety for openly dealing with just about anyone except for diablerists and infernalists

"I'm Sweet and Innocent. I have dimples and by definition that makes it so."

Malkavian.gif Information Known by Kindred Society

  • First appearing circa 1620
  • Actively intrigues and uses agents to work against the Holy See in their conflict with Venice.
  • (1660) Wanders around in the background for many, many years
  • (1933) Moves to the United States
  • (1940) Arrived in Detroit
  • (1943) Went into torpor
  • (1962) Woke from torpor
  • (1973) Went back into torpor
  • (2004) Woke from torpor



  • Childe of The Venetian
  • Grand-childe of Camilla Baines
  • Great-grand-childe of Mellandis
  • Uncle Auggie to many


Known Childer

  • Looking for ties, please contact privately.

Malkicon.gifKnown Associates


Malkicon.gifKnown Associations


Malkicon.gifKnown Associations

  • The Thought Police
  • Notoriety - Juggler is known for having loose associations

Malkicon.gifRumors Quirks and Other Things

(Open to Additions)

  • Was involved in a prank that corrected the Leaning Tower of Pisa and still owes a debt over it today
  • Refers to younger Malkavians as Poppets
  • Has periodic bouts of Synthesia
  • Has a Mojo Bag that only works for him because others don't know the proper 'Knock'
  • Is very laid back and forgiving for an elder just so long as offenders are good sports about paying The Price
  • Talks to things: Animals, Plants, Objects, Things other people can't see
  • Has a chainsaw he refers to as his 'little kitten' he uses in combat


(Open to Additions)

  • "Look at her. That bitch sashays when she walks. How can you have a stick rammed so far up your ass and still sashay when you walk. It must have alot of grease on it so she can pull it in and out when she needs to."
  • "What do you Juggle?" - RE: "Everything"
  • "It doesn't taste like a twenty dollar hooker"
  • "You disgust me" Lucien Marsilio Nasca in response to his fondness for a local jewish bakeries Everything bagels with blood jelly and his belimic habit
  • "Everything has a voice if you just listen"

Malkicon.gifOOC Information

Player: US2002021121
Location: Domain of Ann Arbor, MI; Great Lakes Region