Julian Hussar

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Edinburgh
Player: Matthew Maddoux
Storyteller: Ashley Perryman

Information Known by Kindred Society

Notable Traits

Acknowledged within the Camarilla
Confirmed as an Elder
Established as an Elder
Privileged as an Elder

The Knight of Lies

Coteries & Societies
The Bakescu




Known Childer:

  • Hanz

Known Grand-Childer:

  • Ana-Louise

Known Great Grand-Childer:


  • "The Anarchs burned down his haven in hopes of keeping him uninvolved in the 2nd Revolt"
    • "They succeeded, he went into hiding afterwards."
  • "The Knight of Lies was a very busy man in his day."
  • "Julian is is own worst enemy."
  • "The Knight of Lies is a member of the Sabbat, he has attacked the Camarilla many times."
  • "The Knight of Lies is a member of the Anarchs, he has attacked the Camarilla many times."
  • "The Knight of Lies is unaffiliated with any Sect."
  • "The Knight of Lies is a Scourge of a lost Court and never stopped working."


  • "On the surface, it seems that he has not changed much in the last 70 years; among our kind, however, appearances can be deceiving."Eileen Vargas
  • "I'm not that kind of knight." - Julian Hussar
  • "He is not as much of a fool as he would want others to believe and not as clever as he believes himself to be. One of those is a lie. Have enjoyment sorting out which one."Laszlo Bako
  • "Persistently dogged when on the trail of what he calls his duty. Stopping at little to find what he is after." AJay
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Allies, Enemies, & Associates


  • 1504 - A Hungarian peasant is born, is named Julian
  • 1514 - Julian fights in a peasant rebellion, in minor battles, until the nobles crush it.
  • 1526 - King Louis II is killed at the Battle of Mohacs, Julian picks up the armor of a fallen knight and marches from battle to battle, trying to rally the civilians to fight harder against the invading Ottoman forces. As they lose lands, he works to incite rebellion in the land taken by the Turks. With no actual Authority of Arms, he is nicknamed the "Knight of Lies" by those who are in the know.
  • 1535 - The Knight of Lies falls silent, when Laszlo Bako embraces Julian, who takes up the last name Hussar
  • 1590 - His Time of Accounting comes to an End, and Julian Hussar travels to Scotland to hunt the Sabbat and prove himself! He realizes how little his horse likes him, when he falls off in battle and is almost killed.
  • 1598 - The visiting Prince from France gifts Julian a Claymore in thanks for the help in the war against the Sabbat, granting him the first rung on the ladder of aristocracy.
  • 1600 - Julian returns to Paris, where Laszlo had set up a haven.
  • 1750 - Julian travels to the Colonies to study their coming rebellion, expecting it to fail. He joins the Anarchs
  • 1814 - After the successful Revolution, Julian's study shifts from "Failed Rebellion" to "Revolutions". He takes a more active role in the Anarchs as a member of the Loyal Opposition to the Camarilla. He focuses on the perfecting of governments instead of toppling them.
  • 1830 - War is coming to Northern Mexcio, so Julian travels to witness the Texas Revolution, once again acting only as an observer.
  • 1836 - March 19th, he witnesses the Mexican Army capture Fannin and his Texican troops, setting off a chain reaction of patriotism.
  • 1860 - Hears the beat of drums again and he prepares to witness the Civil War.
  • 1900 - Settles in the Wild West to assist the Anarchs in their efforts.
  • 1916 - Death of the West, Barbed Wire and Refrigerated Rail Cars kill the cattle drives and the Western Culture.
  • 1941 - Nikki moves in with him to avoid the bombings in England
  • 1945 - the coming of the 2nd Anarch Revolt becomes apparent, Julian and some of his friends try to slow it down. After a vocal argument with his broodmate, his haven burns down. Nikki returns to the UK, and Julian goes missing.
  • 1946 - The Knight of Lies begins fighting against the Sabbat in Austria Hungary, rarely expanding into North-Eastern Europe. Only rumors and stories tell of his actions against the enemy.
  • 1983 - Hanz is Embraced into the Brujah Clan.
  • 2005 - Julian Hussar begins to reacquaint himself with Kindred Society and publicly joins the Camarilla.

OOC Information

Player: Matthew Maddoux
Location: Fort Worth, TX