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Known to the Camarilla

Camarilla Position:
Clan Position: Praetor of Cleveland
Status: Acknowledged, Established, Venerated, Dedicated by Primogen Michael Cayhill


Known Allies and Associates


  • 1535 - Born to a minor noble family in London, England. Julian is a second son.
  • 1575 - Embraced by Adrienne Maxwell.
  • 1595 - First time attending court in London.
  • 1600 - Released in London. Meets another young neonate at court and quickly falls for her.
  • 1640 - Leaves London for North America.
  • 1775 - Something terrible happens and Julian spends the next few decades only communicating with his lineage and even in that communication his anger shows through.
  • 1840 - Moves to Cleveland, Ohio area. Little does he know the city is in the midst of a war with the Sabbat.
  • 1845 - Julian disappears completely for a few decades.
  • 1890 - Resurfaces. Many are glad to see he did not perish. Some are not so excited.
  • 1920 - Julian disappears. When he returns twenty years later Julian no longer walks the path of Humanity.
  • 1959 - At Conclave it is decreed that those who follows alternate paths of enlightenment are a risk to the Masquerade. Julian works diligently with his allies to regain his humanity and is successful just before the thirteen year deadline.
  • 1969 - Current Prince of Cleveland and good friend to Julian, William Stark dies in a Sabbat attack. It is heavily believed Julian himself will seize praxis. A young Tremere and Julian leave for a private meeting. When they emerge Percival Berkshire of the Tremere ascends as Prince and announces that Vermillion is now the private feeding ground of Julian.


  • "This guy is alright as far as Ventrue go, it's a pity though that he is more interested in my political endeavors instead of my masterpieces." - Spencer
  • "My youngest childe, and also the one I worry least about. Julian has a strong head on his shoulders." -Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Julian is one of the few people who's threats truly terrify me, but his promises are always golden." - Arthur "Anon" Campori
  • "That pompous fuck would look good screaming in a box burried in cement eerr I mean what a Acknowledged, Established, Venerated and Dedicated member of the Tower." - Edward O'Neill
  • "His story would be tragic if he weren't such a fool." - Isobel O'Neill


  • How much does Julian really know about the Lasombra? And how does he know so much?
  • Why does he always seem to be so insanely interested in everyone else's political careers?
  • Even for an Elder Julian seems to disappear a lot - doesn't he?
  • Is it true that every Prince of Cleveland has had to ask his permission to seize praxis?

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: Casey H.
Storyteller: VST

Player: Casey H.
Membership Number: US2012040021
Domain: Cleveland, Ohio