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"...A woman about whom
the testimony of inspired poets
has become univocal and unanimous
as had the ill omen of her name,
which has become a reminder of misfortunes."
– "Encomium of Helen" Gorgias

If fortune favors the benevolent, then June is unliving proof.

Originally homeless, embraced by an unknown Malkavian, and barely noticed by the city's Kindred for a hundred years, June serves as archon to Her Grace, Marissa Cole. Her meteoric rise from nobody to primogen, to harpy, to prince, and now archon, deserves credit, but to what or whom, no one is sure. The one act that put her on the map was her harpy report for the 2013 Grotesquerie and she's been politically busy ever since. June lives in San Francisco, California, but spends the majority of her time traveling.

June was known for her effervescent warmth, compassion, and altruistic outlook on existence. While still all these things, her eyes no longer brighten with her smile, a smile that no longer seems sincere.

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This Doll's Story

June showed up in Los Angeles some time in 1920. She was first spotted roaming the orphanages, helping care for children left alone by the Great War and the influenza epidemic. A year later she worked among brothels on Pound Cake Hill, helping prostitutes either escape or survive their profession. In fact, her entire tenure in Los Angeles centered around positive social work.

In 2012 June finally started coming around Kindred society. Usually she dropped in when the prince required the presence of all Los Angeles residents, and then she disappeared again, out into the dangerous parts of the city. Some called her a hipster by accident––June's clothes never matched and were always a decade behind. She roamed Silver Lake and Echo Park. And those glasses… Truth was June lived on the streets and her clothes came from the church donation piles. Her ragamuffin look, spot on hipster, was authentic.

The homeless, the hookers, the addicts all know June. She brings them food and medicine, and it's not hard to find a way into her good graces by spending time ministering to the less fortunate.

Once seemingly outdated and stuck in the 1920s, June has recently shown a keen interest in how the world changed since her embrace. With the help of her assistant Krishna, the former prince has picked up modern knowledge and skills. But where her pristine and poised new look comes from, one can only guess. Despite all her updates, June's memory prior to 1920 hasn't returned.

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Chewing Gum: slang for double talk, ambiguous words

  • Every night June searches the streets of Los Angeles, following the wails of a baby she can never seem to find.
  • June pretends to suffer from amnesia, so no one will look too closely at how her background doesn't quite line up.
  • June is a pawn of the Elders. An excellent pawn who knows her place.
  • Whenever upset or scared, June starts cutting into herself.
  • Many, many Kindred call June a "friend." But she knows better than to talk about those types of Kindred.
  • Once a nun, June was cruelly Embraced in order to ruin her faith in God.
  • Some call her Matilda, including her sire.
  • June knows half of you twice as well as you would like, and likes you twice as well as you deserve.
  • The former Harpy of LA is actually very fond of anarchs, and not fond of prissy princes.
  • Murdering a prince of the Camarilla to take his territory? She didn't even blink when she did it.
  • Archon was not a promotion, it is indentured servitude for her wickedness.


She ain't such an Orphan Annie after all...

Grandsire: Marissa Cole
Sire: Alecsander Etienne Deloumeau
Childer: None

Who's Copacetic?

Wouldn't you like to know.

Swell Sayings

  • "Every man wants to say they can move the heavens for a woman. Michael Cayhill can say it. He’s moved the moon, causing the ocean to rise and begin consuming the body of land it’s craved since the two first brushed against one another amidst the chaos of creation."
  • "I take it patiently. That's to say, I suffer."
  • "At times, I've been known to mistake 'rapacious' for 'recreational.'"
  • "Now I find myself shaking, trembling like a crystal vase full of roses and oleanders on the dining table of an old boxcar set upon rough tracks."
  • "For some reason, I'm predisposed to like a man that's got guts and can pull off a great, original performance."
  • "Other women have wedding rings. I have shackles about my wrists, and the chain is fastened to the Tower."
  • "Her Grace is good to those who think she's good."

"Says you!"

  • "Why do those that exist outside the frame of reference of the mundane painted with some social stain, all progress... all truths require shattering the comfortable illusions that entrap us just slightly enough to cause growth and yet not sharply enough to shatter worlds. What is madness? It is the gift and burden of the exceptional." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Sometimes mirrors become windows." -Sevynn
  • Synonyms. Feathers. We all move in and out and live our lives in stacks and rows and pairs, and try to find someone with whom we can share it. Maybe. Someday, somewhere." - Selene de Lorraine
  • "A heavy burden strapped to a once bright and aspiring soul, covered by an endless smile and not a single whisper of complaint. I wish I could understand the source of her endless spring of humanity." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "Vivacious, beautiful, and delightful. Truly, a blessing to me when I needed one. Of course I'm not swooning... what would my dear mother think!?" -Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "It is not the person you think you see, it is the women whose eyes tell a story that has neither a good or bad ending. This is the June I see and the one I love." - Frederic Andre
  • "Though the way she acts she is a very innocent thing or taking acting lessons from the tremere. I hope for the former but trust its the latter. Either way she makes great company." -Richard Gainsbourgh
  • "Harpy June is disarmingly both cosmopolitan and friendly, but she possesses the insight that Malkavians are known for. She is an extremely talented individual whom I have found most agreement to converse with." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "Deep down beneath that exterior is nothing less than an apex predator of our kind, laying in wait for you to stumble. You think you sway her, control her? Ha! Kindly remember that war is indeed no strife, to a dark house and a detested wife." - Arden
  • "Easily one of the nicest vampires I have ever met. So, needless to say, I never turn my back to her." -- Alex Shelly
  • "Meeting Her Majesty was one of the highlights of my visit to the grand ball in Nashville. Her Majesty's exuberance and seeming delight in making my acquaintance made me feel very much at peace, like re-kindling an old friendship. I cherish the prospect of seeing her again soon." -- Midas Madison
  • "Her hospitality was both excellent and personable. And vegan." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "Princess June is just the berries, even now that she's the big cheese. I'm also given to believe she has gams that won't quit. And now I've exhausted my recollection of slang from the 1920's. Suffice it to say I find her a delight." - A. Winchester
  • "I could sit and talk to Princess June for hours, but you know what? I could also sit and just listen to her for hours, and if you know me, that's saying something." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "I am never bored with June. It is perhaps the finest compliment I can offer any kindred. But for her it is a most distinct pleasure to declare." - Nicholas Loring
  • "She is an astute and shrewd Prince whose mirror appears less broken than how many of our kind present. I would caution you against making assumptions based on that observance. I have little doubt that she is more than capable at protecting what is hers. Reminds me of my youngest sister really." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick
  • "Rare. Bloodied, but unbowed. Loves what she's always gonna lose. I hear she's good with kids, too. What a beautiful black rhino." - Kasserine Powell
  • "Inspirational, to be sure. Sweet as pie on the surface, and painfully sincere. How can one not be inspired in the face of such earnestness? Still, makes me wonder what part of the story I'm missing." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "I have watched her soar; I have watched her falter. She does more of the former than the latter, and that is precisely what I expect of her." - Serafin
  • "At this rate, Sharp shouldn't make any plans for July, because he's unlikely to survive June." - Serafin
  • "She accidentally had her hard drive setting on RAID when she only had one drive connected, LOL! I asked her if she wanted me to upgrade her hard drive for her, but she slapped me. Fine, I'm not the one without a solid state drive. What is this, the 1800's or something!?" - Melvin
  • "The bridge between us deserves to be burned. Only time will tell if another rises in its place." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Seems I've inherited a whole mess of trouble." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "A refreshing change of pace..." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "Have you ever heard of those jars called Kintsugi? You know the ones I'm talking about. They're expertly crafted, flawless, only to be smashed. Once they're in pieces, they get put back together using gold to fill in the cracks. They become more durable, their marks adding to their strength. I sense June is the same way. Every time she's shattered, she's reformed into something more. It would be a beautiful process to watch." Angelo
  • "I was told she was super nice, and she is. She's a nice lady. With a nice dress. And a nice voice. And a nice smile. And a nice demeanor. And she smells nice. Sheeeeee's gotta be some kinda BRUTAL monster, right? There's something I'm missing here, bloodsuckers this pleasant hafta be hiding some srs bzns. I'm pretty sure she's gonna eat someone's face." - Kevin
  • "Well, that explains that." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "June is a lovely, lovely woman. I'm glad to have met her in LA when she held Praxis, and especially happy when she graced me with her presence at my Gala in 2015" -Blayne Ashbury
  • "Archon June is...she's wonderful, I can't think of other words to describe her. I hope I get to see her again soon!" - Nova
  • "I see her and I'd like to cry, but for the life of me I can't say why..." - Harper Gray
  • "*exasperated sigh* Dammit, June." - Luca Z. Bianci
  • "Scientists sent cats into space, you won't believe what happens next!" - ZeroFluxGiven
  • "competent leadership is kinda a big deal to most clans, but that goes double for my clan, and triple for me. there's no-one better and there's no-one else i'd rather follow. always bet on team june." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "I met June for the first time in Vegas, back during that big gathering. After that, we met a few more times. I've seen her in action and I've seen tiny glimpses of the kind of person she is. To quote a certain Servire, 'Always bet on Team June.'" -Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "One long-vanished night, I helped her pin on a magnificent hat, and called her a princess. I'd met her only moments before, and already I knew enough to delight me. I've only grown more delighted since then. The trouble is, I'm delighted by different things than most people." -- Benedict Verren
  • "June is ever th'innocent flower. She appears sweet and kind, all things that Kindred typically are not. And in her, these do not seem to be pretensions, but truths. But we forget at our peril that June is a scion of her clan and an Archon. One does not become an Archon by only being the flower." -- Izar San Martin
  • "I remember every instance of interaction with her. Is that not strange?"- Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "For a long time? She was the Green Light. Now? I see only darkness in her. It is a great tragedy, to be so shattered by love." - William Calloway
  • "Usually true believers are boorish; but I found her to be charming and engaging." - Toby Dior
  • "Went to a party she threw, can honestly say the night was full of unexpected surprises." - Spencer


Favored – Elder Alexander Konrad
Favored – Prince Lucien
Honorable – Justicar Ferdinand Di Santo


Kate Bush
Audrey Horne, Twin Peaks
Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby
Tess Durbeyfield, Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Susan Vance, Bringing Up Baby

June-tastic Music

A mix as eclectic as June and meant for listening on shuffle, you'll find Kate Bush, The Archies, One Direction, Doris Day, Lord Heron, and more.

Malkavian-Only "Madness"

June is just...a Malkavian. She's nothing special amongst the clan, other than a former member of the Thought Police.

OOC Information

Player Name Christie C.

MES Number US2012050020

Location San Francisco, CA

ST Info Victoria B.