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Character Information


Name: Jupiter Lotis

Clan: Setite

Alias': Nikki (in the 1980's). Darla.

Notable Traits:Dresses, skirts, or corsets. 60's wear. Usually speaking with a flirty voice. Giggly.

Has Fame x3 within the music industry, clubs, anywhere downtown Austin.

Status: No Camarilla status. She is Emissary to the Camarilla. High Priestess of Austin, TX

Personal Quote: I understand, you're upset. But, don't blame me. Blame your sire for creating such a prissy little bitch.


Blood of Smith

Known History

  • 1624 -born in Cairo, Egypt
  • 1629-Soon to be great great Uncle Joaquin D'Esmeralda becomes an important person in her life
  • 1640-Ghouled to a Setite High Priest Joaquin D'Esmeralda
  • 1662-Embraced by William Slade
  • 1663-1863-Traveled all over Europe with William Slade
  • 1800-Embraced Harrland Whitlock.
  • 1863-1930-Continued her travels alone, all over Europe.
  • 1900-Entered the New World.
  • 1900-Met up with Blaine Winchester. Traveled the New World together hunting Sabbat and gathering knowledge.
  • 1930-Embraced Horace Watts
  • 1960-Met up again with her sire, William Slade.

1960-Found Jackson Flynn (as a mortal). Introduced him to nights of frivolity including drugs and worshiping.

  • 1960-Traveled with Candace Caine.
  • 1960-2001-Travelling, once again, all over the U.S, with or without William. Making connections.
  • 1972-Embraced Cyrus OShaunessey.
  • 1980-Spent time in Detroit Michigan
  • 2001-Joins up with William and the Assamite Zaina.
  • 2005-Embraced Jenny Carver.
  • 2014-Has a well established Record Company in Austin. Settles down.



  • Taught Calico how to dress
  • She changes her name every time she diablorizes someone.
  • Has lovers from every sect.
  • She is like the Angelo, to the Followers of Set.
  • She is the only one who has said no to Jean-Pierre Durand.
  • She is much older than she let's on.
  • Her timeline is a lie.
  • She has 15 childer.
  • You must have fortitude to survive being with her.
  • She has someone else's heart in her chest.
  • She doesn't remember where she hid her heart.
  • Her heart is in her butt.
  • If you are not Blood of Smith, she puts a hit out on you.
  • She has had many princes killed.
  • She is contracted, by many princes, to kill other Setites.

  • Insert rumor here


  • "Jupiter reminds me of where I have come from, in more ways then one." -Zaina
  • "Few know that the song, Darling Nikki, is based on my daughter's visit to Detroit in the early '80s." -Brother Billy
  • "Oh, Auntie Jupiter. She's my favorite family member besides Ramses. The two of 'em taught me everything I know!" -Calico
  • "I know you may look into her eyes and see serpent in shining gold! I see a part of this world that is now missing that she is part of" -Malachai
  • "If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come." -Blaine Winchester
  • "When one from outside the tower takes up the mantle of Emissary, I want to see them succeed; this is true despite the fact that I watch them all the more closely for signs that they are unworthy of success. " -Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "I have seen many Followers. I have seen many Setites. There are few Jewels of Set's eyes. Jupiter is certainly one of them" -Michael Rlin
  • "Don't turn your nose like that my sire... I may have found a use for Rednecks and White Trash." -Harrland Whitlock
  • "Setites are a clan that needs to be constantly watched. Its easy to spot Ms. Lotis, look for William Slade he is bound to be close by, you will hear him before you see him. I hope to one day have the chance to talk to Ms. Lotis on her own. I feel she would make a great ally for the Nosferatu." - Dagmuar
  • "Oh she's a fun one. I like her. She has flair and smarts. It's so refreshing to find an Independent who doesn't completely waste your time!" - Nenette
  • Even more fond memories of sex, drugs, free love and rock and roll, in the 60's. Jupiter was fun. She still is. Her sense of style is brilliant!"- Candice Caine
  • "I just hope she can get him to wear that gold dress to court. That would be worth seeing." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "We are opposite sides of the same coin." - Angelo
  • "Jupiter? Excellent associate, she knows how to party and how to deal, makes me happy we've got this new alliance going on, means we can work more closely together." - Auggie
  • "She has sophistication to her that is not often seen outside of the Camarilla, I must say, She is an exquisite specimen of her clan" - Dr. Alex Pond
  • "She's the Ambassador for the Setite Clan correct? I think she's doing a fine job. I haven't heard a complaint from them, nor any want or needs. She seems to have everything under control." -Blayne Ashbury
  • "She of Tower? Not concerned for her. If stay in city, and defend city, then concern. Concern means I protect and give Fistwords when needed." - Stoneking
  • "It tasted good going down, And the effects, Woah! I'm gonna have to try that again. Maybe not at Court next time though. A visit to her Temple, I dunno if my fellow Camarilla would like that. I'll Ponder." - Dagmuar
  • "We've spoken only barely, yet her name is on my ears." - Dexter Mara
  • "She conducts herself well and dignified. The Odd Ones out of the Clan are always the most interesting to know." - The Broken
  • "I like Jupiter's commitment to making unlife fun. I'm a little worried about how she's going about it." - Claire
  • "Ms. Lotis is not of the Tower. No, we are not well acquainted. But as those of age, I have seen her from time to time. She is very hard to miss, despite any attempts to the contrary. -Costanza Rodriguez
  • "I so appreciate having clans such as hers represented by an Emissary. When time comes for the tough conversations, I know precisely with whom to start." - Prince Serafin
  • "Seriously, I bet she knows how to party in all the ways I like, I think I won't mind Texas as much now." -Margherita Giovanni
  • "Her and her fuckin Wednesday Adams watch dog are really one of the only reasons I show up to Austin anymore. Now that her watchdog doesn't return my calls I guess I am gonna have to pop by her temple and see what's up?" Maddox Levine
  • "JuJu is a lot of fun, even if she does try and rip my clothes off in court... actually, especially 'cas she tries to rip my clothes off in court." Fayina Makarov
  • "Papa always told me not to look a snake in the eyes. Jupiter plays well with others, though. A good choice made by her clan." - Jeannie
  • "Always lovely to see someone enjoy vulgar humor as much as I do. She's an entertaining conversationalist. " Jayne Joyce
  • "Jupiter, you want to get up to no good? Power has its privileges." - Don Valerius
  • "If anyone was going to teach me about Pussy Power, it would probably be her. But I like my soul too much. She dresses with great confidence. I feel she should know this about herself. " Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • (In French)"A beautiful woman of poise and grace. She and Petra get along fabulously which measn I'm sure she and I will as well. " Guillaume
  • "Crushed velvet! How beautiful, and white in the Eastern custom for mourning. What a statement she makes." - Jeannie
  • "I guess even the Independent Alliance cannot suffer an Infernalist of any shade to live. Good to know just about everyone is united on that front... Besides the Infernalists, of course." - Harper Gray
  • "Jupiter was very unexpected. I think that she could get me into much scandal if I let her." -Philippa Brery
  • "She's quite entrancing...I'd let her ride in the party bus any day. I'm sure she has deeper secrets. I hope just she's willing to share." -Dust
  • "I cannot wait to take this chick around the world. The Girl from Ipanema's got nothin' on that saucy snake." -Giacomo Giovanni
  • "I haven't forgotten what it was like... but so much has happened since then. Still, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to retreat into those eyes." -Flynn
  • (French)"Radiant and stunning, I am desperate for more of her walk, talk, and looks." -Guillaume
  • "In a world full of predators and monsters, she scares me the most. Not because she could hurt me - everyone has fangs and claws. No, she scares me because I can tell, deep inside, that she has the ability to change the one thing that keeps me from becoming like the rest of them - my soul." -Ethan Sullivan
  • "Ah, I wish we were closer. Though I am drawn to the Tower and she carries on the traditions of the Followers, we are of one blood. Someday I will remind her of our shared heritage." -Miguel Culebra
  • "I know just enough about the clan to realize that her offer to teach me about Set is going to lead to fun and interesting things..." - Astrid Malikov
  • "Jupiter may well be the prefect woman; smart, funny and enchanting. Not to mention she can say things that makes my blood run cold." - Duncan Dunsirn
  • "She looks like the innocent flower but she is the serpent underneath. Exotic, beautiful and deadly." Ótama Myrkrdotter
  • "She understands the power of personal spectacle." Clé deMontes
  • ""You have my attention now Miss Jupiter. Let's see what the future holds shall we?"" Alton Cromwell
  • "She's a friend a' the family, you get me? Fuck with her and you're gonna get a home fuckin' visit, understand? I will take time out of my busy fuckin' schedule for that." - Vincenzo Putanesca
  • "Slither whichever way you'd like my dear...as long as I get the opportunity to watch...I will be happy." Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "My father warned me against serpents. I don't think he met anyone remotely like Jupiter." - Jeannie
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OOC Info

Character Information
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent
City: Austin, TX
Player: Holli Hensley
Storyteller: Nick Kice

Player: Holli Hensley

MES Number: US2002034112

Location: Austin, TX