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These seven mighty vampires are the judges appointed by the Inner Circle to be the Camarilla's eyes, hands and, if necessary, fists. Justicars have the only true authority across the Camarilla and all Kindred, with the exception of the Inner Circle. They alone have the ultimate power to adjudicate matters regarding the Traditions. No one is considered to be above them in this. It is Justicars who decide the punishment for those who have violated the Traditions on a widespread level; the one being judged may not expect mercy. Justicars are supposed to call for a Conclave when they wish to pass judgment, but over the years this has lapsed as they grew in power. Justicars have the authority to call a Conclave at any time, either to confirm a ruling or to make certain decisions that one Justicar alone does not wish to burden himself with.

A Justicar serves for 13 years, and her actions may be challenged only by another Justicar. If things grow heated, a Conclave may be called by the combatants or by another Justicar to resolve the dispute. When rival Justicars decide to start battling it out, few Kindred are safe from being used and abused in the ensuing struggle.

Many vampires, elders and young-lings alike, resent the power the Justicars wield, and certainly none care for the abuses that can come with it. However, very few would dream of openly taking them on, due to their immense age and resources.

Current Justicars

Justicars also employ Archons to help enforce their will.