Justin Everett

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Metis
Pack: Burning With Sin
Sept: Sept of the Turtle Creek
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••••
Honor: ••••• ••••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: RayS
Storyteller: Ed Deakins

Character Information

Strikes the Fire.jpg

Name: Justin Everett

Deed Name: Scorched Earth

Former Deed Name: Salts-the-Earth, Strikes the Fire

Sept Position: Eldest Ahroun

Pack Position: Alpha

Tribe: Steward of the Great Lakes


Stands at 5'9 with a heavy muscular build, but has the grace of a predator stalking his prey. He has brown hair and eyes and there are no disfigurements that can be seen that states he is a Metis. When he is working his forge he tends to wear clothing that is utilitarian in nature with steel toed boots. If he is around doing "business" he tends to wear business casual or other appropriate clothing as needed.

  • Battle Scars:
    • Claw marks over right side of face
    • Claw marks over right arm
    • Shredded chest
    • Improperly healed right knee; noticeable limp
  • Pure Breed 2

Commonly Known

  • Master Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, and Metalworks
  • Tactician
  • Built the master crafted Shadow Lord shrine on the Sept of Turtle Creek

Allies & Rivals


Shadowlords & Family


The Love & Hate Relationships



  • "We fought together once, he and I. It was not his battle plans, nor his fury that struck me, impressed me, for all decent Full Moons possess these things. No, it was him turning away from impossible odds, from a coming fight that would have destroyed his allies, most of which were already in poor health. The Ghet with us called him coward, mocked him for his decision, but I saw wisdom. We are not fighters for glory only, to fight a battle to the last man gains the Nation no victory; how can it when good warriors are lost forever? Better instead to pick your battles, know your own strength and the strength of those who fight beside you. We Shadow Lords do not throw our lives away lightly. Better be to fight another day then lose your life in a battle you cannot hope of winning. So we fell back that day under his orders and went to lick our wounds. And the next day? We fought those tainted spirits and killed them all without losing a Soul. That is true leadership." Simona_Decebal
  • "Ragahroun, that is the best description I have for him and its scary cause who the hell trains an Ahroun to be sneaky? Oh wait nevermind. I know who did that and its great. Try hard not to piss him off." Sage
  • "No they are not Brother and Sister. They just fight like it and enjoy one upping each other." Said in response to the question; Are Salts the Earth and Simona Decebal brother and Sister? Sage


OOC Information

Player: RayS

MES Number: US2006078242

Location: Owensboro, KY