Kaleb Solomon

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Silver Fangs

Apocalypse PC

Player: Matthew Dobson
Character: Kaleb Solomon
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Position: None
Rank: Fostern
Sept: Armor of the Drake
Domain: PA-015-D
VST:Laura Dasnoit

Character Information

Name: Kaleb Solomon

Deed Name: White Paws~Bloody Pen

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Silver Fangs, House Wyrmfoe.

Sept: Armor of the Drake


Renown: Has enough to challenge for Adren, but has not challenged - some say he fears taking on too much responsibility, risking becoming cruel as others have been cruel to him.

Notable Traits:

Known to the Nation

  • The fostern's hands are heavily scarred, by silver... each obvious in all ways as defensive wounds of a trapped child.
  • The man frowns at any sign of abuse.

History as Garou

Here you can find the history of the Silver Fang known as Kaleb Solomon - Aka White Paws Bloody Pen - Or Pen for Short

Brotherhood & Blood

Blood Talon Pack
Eagle Totem (Falcons Brood)

Family & Kinfolk


House: Wyrmfoe



  • Shiloh Black-Fox - as mate to packmate.
  • Adam V. Black-Fox (NPC) - as adopted son to packmate.
  • Mary Hudson (NPC) - as sister to packmate.

What Others Say

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The Spirits Whisper

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OOC Information

Player: Matt Dobson


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