Kaleb Solomon - Aka White Paws Bloody Pen - Or Pen for Short

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Matthew Dobson
Character: Kaleb Solomon - Aka White Paws Bloody Pen - or Pen for Short
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silver Fang
Position: None
Rank: Fostern
VST: VST Laura Dasnoit

Character Information

Name: Kaleb Solomon - Aka White Paws Bloody Pen - or Pen for Short Auspice: Philodox Tribe: Silver Fang Position: None Renown: Enough to challenge for Adren

OOC Information

Kaleb Solomon - aka White Paws Bloody Pen.jpg

Player: Matthew Dobson MES Number: US2002022023 Location: Boston Mass

Background, Known by Some: Being born a king among men isn't exactly easy. Being the son of an Athro Ahroun of the SilverFang Tribe of Garou can only add to that difficulty. Will this child change, will this child be himself a king, will this Child rule with honor or an Iron fist, will this child survive. Too many questions at once all put on the shoulders of a youth. Kaleb is the son of Valir Solomon, the garou also called Bulldozer Broadsword. His entire youth Kaleb was brought up hearing tales of his fathers might, his fathers bravery, his fathers victories. But then at the age of 9, he had to hear a new tale. The tale of his fathers betrayal, and how he led an entire family of Silver Fangs to dance the spiral. The once proud and trusted, beloved even, warrior Bulldozer Broadsword danced the Spiral and became the feared Black Spiral Silver Truth Bringer. Eighteen other Silver Fangs went with him. It was a black mark on the tribe. A black mark on the name of Solomon. And it was the day Kaleb changed. The rest of the sept came for Kaleb and his Mother, certain they must know something. Perhaps even be working with the Black Spiral Dancers. They weren't. They were both innocent. But when the Get of Fenris Alpha, and his Red Talon beta - new leaders of the sept, broke down the door in their anger... when they came for Kaleb and his mother with bared fangs and a hunger for revenge, Kaleb responded to the threat with his own anger, and changed. A garou's first change is a powerful time, but when it is done to defend life of not just yourself, but your mother, it can leave a scar on the soul. The Get of Fenris was surprised to find not a boy, but a garou waiting for them when they broke in. Instead of answers, the assault was met with claws fur and muscles holding them back. But a 9 year old garou, even if catching his attackers by surprise, is no match for seasoned warriors of the nation. His attack was seen as a sign that Kaleb must be on his fathers side. The logic of a scared boy trying to defend his mother didn't occur to the older garou fighting the feelings of betrayal and anger at an entire group of supposed friends turning their backs on the sept, and joining the enemy. Kaleb's mother, true to her regal nature as a kinfolk of the Silver Fang Tribe also tried to fight back when she witnessed the Ahroun warriors put her son down in the corner of the Kitchen, pinned. But a kinfolk just doesn't have the resilience of a regenerating garou. A single blow from the Get was all it took. She went down, her neck snapped. Dead in one single moment. Dead for no crime other than defending her child, from invaders who broke down her front door. Dead, because a wolf's rage doesn't always take time to think and rationalize and seek answers before lashing out. Kaleb was assumed immediately to be tied to the other silver fangs, and the mass exodus to join the Spirals. Despite his innocence they just didn't believe it. They believed what their own anger told them. Kaleb had once thought it was hard to be the son of a Noble Respected Garou. Unfortunately when you are the son of a traitor, your life is no easier among the sept. With all the Silver Fangs gone, dancing the spiral with his father, Kaleb was very much alone. Alone and shunned. The nine year old garou had no real guardians, no one to take his side. He was seen as suspect. Seen as a traitor himself when the boy had no knowledge of what his father had planned, or why all the silver fangs joined him. They hurt the boy, tortured him, questioned him relentlessly. Especially that Get of fenris alpha, and his Red Talon Beta. Teeth of the Forest, and Sleekfur. It was 2 years before they finally came to the conclusion the boy had nothing he could tell them that was of any use. 2 Years of pain. White Paws in a bloody silver pen. That's how the spirits first started to refer to the youth. And it became his first deed name. White Paws Bloody Pen to help him always remember, justice must come first. You do not punish those that are not guilty. You do not stick a newly turned cub into a silver cage, because of something his father did,something he had no knowledge of. You do not beat a child for the crimes of the father. A lesson Kaleb will always hold dear to his heart. At 12 Kaleb ran away from the sept. He saw only hate in the hearts of the garou of the sept. The distrust was too high, and a cub- any wolf- can not grow, can not join a pack, can not become true to his nature without trust. You would think a 12 year old boy can't get very far in this world without someone noticing. And that might be true of a 12 year old human boy. But a wolf can get quite far without any notice. Especially when the sept he leaves doesn't care to track him. To them it was good Riddance. To Kaleb, White Paws Bloody Pen - it was a chance at a new beginning. The anger of the wolves he ran from was to not to blame. Even as a child Kaleb was wise. He understood the reaction, and knew it was the place of Philodox to prevent such atrocity from happening. A judge must bring justice, must hold back anger for the sake of anger and help aim the anger for where and when it is needed most. Kaleb had to learn the first of the truths of being a true Garou before he had even turned 13.

A cub's first welcoming Sept... In the Mountains of Maine, in the middle of Baxter State Park sits the bawn and the Sept of the Reclaimed Wilds. All of Maine was aware in the papers of the initiatives to return wolf populations to the wilds. What most wouldn't know, was that the initiative was not just meant to raise wild wolf populations. In returning packs of wolves to the Park, an initiative actually caused by garou of the nation. The wolves released were actually all lupis garou, or lupis kinfolk. The park rangers, almost everyone to a man were all garou as well, though a few were kinfolk. There in the heart of Maine, the Sept was thriving, hidden from all in plain sight. When the lone white wolf, the youth Kaleb, wandered into their territory at first he was nervous. What if these garou would just torture him and ostracize him as well. But falcon is a Totem of Honor, and one who would not stand for further injustices. Falcon had told this new sept to expect the youth, and welcome him as one of their own. This is the place a cub grew into a cliath, and a cliath grew into a fostern. This is was the place a true garou of the nation became a viable contributing member.

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