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Kalvin's Auspex.jpg The Party that Never Stops

Name: Kalvin

Known Aliases: None

Residence: Vagabond


  • Committed as part of The Anarch Movement
  • Hardcore received during The Second Anarch Rebellion
  • Hook-Up
  • Tested

Lineage: Altero

Full list of Malkavian Lineages

The Whispers of Truth

Concept and Known Information
A work in progress.

A Fractured Rumor

  • 1850's: The Malkavian, Anarch begins to make his presence known to Kindred society in America. He seemed to have started his travels South of Mexico.
  • 1860's: Seeing the treatment of slaves in The United States, Kalvin joins the American Civil War. Just as it reaches it's peak and fall off. Around this time, Kalvin is also seen routinely with a man named Maurice. The two work together as partners.
  • 1870's: Coming at the end of numerous financial setbacks (The Black Friday Panic and Chicago's Great Fire specifically) the country is plunged into The Depression of 1873. Kalvin claims to "know nothing about any of it Maurice". In 1876 some Kindred claim to have seen Kalvin participating in The Sioux War against the American troops, usually sporting a somewhat offensive headdress. If asked about it Kalvin notes, "I love custer. Very rich and creamy Maurice".
  • 1910's: Kalvin and Maurice are known to be in Mexico supporting rebellious statesman, Francisco I. Madero. Maurice has finally stopped calling Kalvin "regent", much to Kalvin's pleasure. Some rumored that the two employed a tricky Saemdi in their tirade towards The Mexican Revolution. Though the three are heavy participants in The Revolution, when asked about it Kalvin replies, "I'm just trying to get my farm going. It's a-a really relaxing life Maurice". It's his first major marijuana farm.
  • 1940's: The traveling duo, Kalvin and Maurice, reach a zenith as they participate in The Second Anarch Revolt. The two participate at the heart of the incident, in Los Angeles. However, most Anarch's who lasted long enough to see the end of The Revolt make comment that Kalvin had made a shift. No longer traveling with Maurice, Kalvin disappears from large scale Kindred life.
  • 1960's: Spotted occasionally, ridding with The Hells Angles, Kalvin seems to have spent much of his time with the hippies of America. Riding from concert to concert. During this time, The Malkavian meets a woman whom he takes on adventures. Always sporadic, and never for longer than a few months at a time. During this time, Kalvin claims to have introduced his new designer drug, "Kalvin's Special! Too-too bad no one calls it by the right name eh Marcy"?
  • 1990's: Since the 60's, Kalvin continues to return his new friend to her home in Omaha, Nebraska. Frequently returning to "pick her up" and go adventuring. At some point in the 90's he returned to take her away with him for their longest trip yet. Those that have seen the woman over the years can tell, the girl he left the house with was not the same woman. No one had the heart to tell him.
  • 2016: Most recently, Kalvin's been seen hanging out with The Keegans in Lincoln, NE. He seems to be more washed-up then ever. Though is friendship with Ryan Keegan seems to be gaining traction among local gossipers.
    • April 2016: By "request", Kalvin was seen making a declaration to the Kansas City Prince, renouncing his involvement in the Anarch Movement. When queried about it, "I-I-I've pretty much been independently m-me forever. Right, Marcy"?
    • May 2016: While hosting, "ONE KILLER PARTEY"! The haven Kalvin had been given domain over, was destroyed when a Black Hawk came crashing through the building. He is currently working with a small group of Malkavian's in Omaha to find a new place to stay.

Allies, Enemies and Associates

Des Lusion Ryan Keegan Memphis PapaAquitaine Seer Ambrosia Paine
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Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name

Kalvin Render.jpg Quotes

Quotes from Kalvin

  • M-M-Marcy. It's not a star. It's just some pyrotechnics. They keep wanting me to join their little end of the world club p-party. Gehenishborg. Yea-yea. That's it. Ghenenishborg.
  • "Fungi are bastards. That's all you need to know. They're-they're necrophiliacs. The eukaryotic little bastards get rock hard for dead stuff. They eat our garbage Marcy. THEY EAT OUR GARBAGE!"
  • Work in Progress

Quotes from Others

  • This cat be high more than me, all tha feckin' time! It's crazy. - Ryan Keegan
  • If you do that again, I will find you warned. - Miriam Ardishir (former Scourge of Omaha... "whatever that is, eh Marcy".)
  • "If I have to play mommy and daddy with anyone within our clan, I am honored to have made a childe with you." Seer Ambrosia Paine
  • Your brain stops at your mouth - Des Lusion
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  • Kalvin might of had a hand in every aspect of Mankind's modern drug culture.
  • At one point, within the Anarch Movement, his name was enough to kick off a small riot. Probably started by Kalvin, himself.
  • He never seems to go anywhere without a few vials of blood. Usually spiked.
  • Even though he declaired himself an Independent, Kalvin still hangs out mostly with Anarchs. "N-Never forget your roots DAWG".
  • Make something up

OOC Information


Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Indépendant
Class: Ancilla
Domain: Lincoln, NE
Player: Sean Hill
VST: Chris O'Niel

Looking for Ties!

  • Various Political Viewpoints (Anarch, All-High, Camarilla)
  • Kindred who knew him before McNiel's Rebellion
  • Kindred who only know him after McNiel's Rebellion
  • Possible lineage ties

Kalvin's Walkman
Rap God - Eminem
Can't Feel My Face - The Weekend
Happiness is a Warm Gun - Joe Anderson
Whoops I Od'd - NOFX

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