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Kansas City

The official information on the Kansas City Requiem venue is found elsewhere, but this page is player/crowd sourced and is useful as well. Status is updated on the offiical information site, for example, and maps of domains and feeding districts remain as works in progress.

In brief it is a veneer of Carthian influenced Imperial Senate on a heavily subinfuedated structure; potentially a balkanized state, but in the end that will be up to the players.

Special Events

Saturday August 23, 2014 Featured Game of the month - Lost in the Day, Requiem in the evening and Cam-Anarch on Sunday

Next featured game is being planned for March 2015.

Laws of Kansas City

The Wendat Constitution
Kansas City Senatorial Laws

The Court of Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri

The Praxis Court

City Elders: (Status 4+)

Full Status Link:
Status (partially) Updated: 01-Jan-2015

Eminent: Ordo Dracul +0
Rival: a tie (none)

Prisci Council

  • Daeva: Duke Dylan La Roche Sminvictus.png
    • Whip: Alder Duke Jean Davignon Sminvictus.pngNpc.png
  • Gangrel: Baron Ian Circle of the Crone.png
    • Whip: (vacant)
  • Mekhet: Condessa Maria Alicia Morgado Circle of the Crone.png
    • Whip: Medea Ashbury
  • Nosferatu:Guido Pirelli
    • Whip:
  • Ventrue: Baron Dr. Gabriel CraneOrdo Dracul.pngNpc.png
    • Whip:
  • Prisci Harpy: (vacant)
  • Bailiff: (vacant)

Ascendant: Nosferatu +0
Rival: Ascendant tied

Domains: The Four Duchies

  • Duchy of Kansas City: Alder Duke Dylan La Roche Clan-daeva.pngSminvictus.png
    • River County: Alder Duke Dylan La Roche Clan-daeva.pngSminvictus.png
      • Barony of the River Quay: Felix Kyle Clan-ventrue.pngSminvictus.png
    • County of the Crossing: President Althea Aldrich Clan-ventrue.pngOrdo Dracul.png
    • Rail County: Alder Auguste Chouteau Clan-gangrel.pngSminvictus.pngNpc.png
    • University County: Victoria Crane Clan-ventrue.pngOrdo Dracul.png
    • Center County: William Blackwell Circle of the Crone.pngClan-nosferatu.png
    • Barony of Loose: Sheamus Circle of the Crone.pngClan-gangrel.png
    • Barony of Timber: Maeve Sluaghadhan Circle of the Crone.pngClan-daeva.png
    • Barony of the Plaza: (vacant) recently transferred to the Duchy
  • Duchy of Leavenworth: Alder Jean Davignon Clan-daeva.pngSminvictus.pngNpc.png
    • Comte de Lansing: Comtesse Veuve de Juchereau (missing) Clan-daeva.pngLancea Sanctum.pngNpc.png
  • Duchy of the Wendat: Duke & Chief Kitchkinet (missing) Clan-gangrel.pngCarthian.png
    • County of Wyandot: Chief Kitchkinet (missing) Clan-gangrel.pngCarthian.png
    • Earldom of Shawnee: Alder Alberto Morgado Sminvictus.pngClan-mekhet.png
    • Prairie County: Chief Ecureuil (destroyed) Circle of the Crone.pngClan-gangrel.pngNpc.png
    • Quindaro County: Chief Sandustee (diablerized) Clan-gangrel.pngRequiem-Unaligned.pngNpc.png
    • Delaware County: Chief Yahunkh Clan-gangrel.pngCarthian.pngNpc.png
  • Duchy of Westport: Martin Carswell Clan-daeva.pngCarthian.pngNpc.png
    • Roanoake County: (undefined)
    • Brush Creek County (sometimes called Plaza County): Herbert Chance Clan-nosferatu.pngCarthian.png
    • West Bottoms Barony: (vacant) recently transferred to the Duchy

Domains: Marches & Independent Counties

  • Marquis of Park: Evelyn Hastings Clan-ventrue.pngOrdo Dracul.pngNpc.png
    • Barony of the Riverbank: Seraphine de Brun Clan-ventrue.pngOrdo Dracul.pngNpc.png
  • Marquis Regent of Liberty: Mr. Jeremiah Crawford Clan-ventrue.pngSminvictus.png
  • County of Independence: Bishop Vance Nash Clan-daeva.pngLancea Sanctum.png
    • Barony of the Spire: Gerald Williams Clan-mekhet.pngLancea Sanctum.png
  • County of Prairie Village: Vacant and Forbidden to access
  • County of Merriam: Eliza Smith (destroyed) Clan-ventrue.pngCarthian.pngNpc.png
    • Barony of Merriam: Antonio Sangiovanni (missing) Clan-mekhet.pngOrdo Dracul.png
  • Condado de la Misión: Maria Alicia Morgado Clan-mekhet.pngCircle of the Crone.png
    • Baronía de Misión: (undefined)
    • Barony of Mission Woods: Cortez Santiago Clan-mekhet.pngCircle of the Crone.png
    • Barony of Fairway: (undefined)
    • Barony of Roeland Park: (undefined)
    • Barony of Westwood: (undefined)
  • County of Shawnee: Thora Lundburg - first and last Countess - vacant Clan-gangrel.pngOrdo Dracul.png

Domains: Independent Baronies

  • Barony of the Waters: Lucy Monroe (Traveling) Clan-mekhet.pngLancea Sanctum.png
  • Barony of Lake Quivira: (undefined)
  • Barony of Bannister: Etienne Lambert (diablerized) Clan-mekhet.pngSminvictus.png Npc.png
  • Barony of Blue Valley: Dr. Gabriel Crane Clan-ventrue.pngOrdo Dracul.png Npc.png
  • Barony of Swope's Folly: Ian Circle of the Crone.pngClan-gangrel.png
  • College Barony: Abu Clan-mekhet.pngOrdo Dracul.png
  • Under City Barony: Enrico Campuzano Requiem-Unaligned.pngClan-nosferatu.png

Kansas City's Fourth Tradition Elysium

Today, the main Elysium in Kansas City is the Union Station. Kindred who arrange a meeting on this Elysium are – in theory - protected by the tradition of Elysium from when they leave their originating location, travel to the Elysium, then leave the Elysium and travel to their destination. Other Elysiums in the city may work differently. Historically most visitors arrived by train,which sometimes meant travelling by private train to the Elysium, attend a meeting, and then leave by train. The Elysium is still technically a train station, but sees little traffic.

Built in 1914, Union Station encompasses 850,000 square feet and originally featured 900 rooms. In its prime as a working train station, accommodated tens of thousands of passengers every year. At its peak during WWII, an estimated one million travelers passed through the Station. The North Waiting Room (now the Sprint Festival Plaza) could hold 10,000 people and the complex included restaurants, a cigar store, barber shop, railroad offices, the nation's largest Railway Express Building (used for shipping freight and mail) as well as a powerhouse providing steam and power.

This is a “Fourth Tradition,” a place where vampires can seek refuge from the violent predations of their own kind. To reflect this, Storytellers may rule that taking any sort of overtly violent action against another vampire within Elysium requires the would-be assailant to spend a Willpower point each turn. This does not count toward the normal limit of one Willpower point per turn. Actually attempting to kill or diablerize another Kindred requires the expenditure of a Willpower dot to go through with the act. This even applies to characters in frenzy. They might destroy the surrounding area or wreak their vengeance on nearby mortals, but not focus their fury on another vampire.

Domain Requiem Lists

The list of active and sanctioned email lists are found here.

KC Requiem Proxy Form

KC Requiem Proxy Form

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