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Kaos Logo.png

General Information


Name: Kaos

Alias: Daniel Hardison

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Gameplayer

Court: Winter

Notable Traits:

Motley: The Gray Ghost

The Eternal Game

Brief History

  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Real Name: Unkown
  • 1999 - Loses a game of Starcraft to the Victor forfeiting his soul to his Keeper
  • 2010 - Escapes from The Board, one of the Victor's realms.
  • 2010 - Wanders the Country looking for hints of his brother's return from Arcadia.
  • 2014 - Sneaks his way onto the island of Puerto Rico
  • 2016 - Gains the Winter Crown

Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies

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"If you ever fucking mess with my shit again, you god-damn hacker, I will find you and I will punch you so hard that your computer will feel it. Stay the hell out of my electronics." ~ Arc

"I'm not really sure what hacking is, but apparently he's damned good at it, helped out quite a bit when we had to go take that trip to Murray. Still don't quite get how he's mixing electronics and Contracts together, but hey it works." ~ Ambrose Crom Crauch

"This guy keeps the public informed in ways beyond what I'm capable of. I'm happy to know he's out there keeping the message alive. Now, if he decides to go into a light-and-sound music career, I'd totally work with him on that!" ~ DJ Radix

"A kindred spirit and great gaming buddy. Playing with him, you forget or a moment the Winter's chill and it's almost like before. I wish I'd known him back then too, but I'm glad to have met him after. I wonder which of us is the better hacker though?" ~ Wi-Fi

"A strategic genius, and one that I would certainly not mind learning from. I am convinced that those of us in Vegas owe our lives, at least in part, to him." ~ Wooster

"Always a good man to have watching your ass. And he blushes such a pretty shade about it too." ~ Isnana

"Kaos was on point and by far one of the better C3 people I've had on a mission in a long time. I'm going to have to see if I can't do that thing with the board game he does, maybe with a tactical map instead...not sure how he does it but whatever it is worked wonders." - Doc

"He is not entirely unpleasant. I may need to remember him if I need more help with these modern computers than the wyrd has provided." - Doc Opp

"He really impressed me with his persuasive and compassionate objections to the Hunt of Leaves. I had been at a loss to explain my misgivings with the ritual. His moral compass, coupled with his eloquent speech, is something to behold." - Elise Fairview


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-Rumor has it that Kaos can actually hack a computer without even touching a keyboard.

OOC Information

Changeling PC

Player: Joshua "Thunder" Herman
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Gameplayer
Court: Winter
Freehold: Puerto Rico
VST: April Douglas

Player: Joshua "Thunder" Herman

MES Number: US2008062481

Location: FL-032-D

Shout Outs: To those I blatantly stole their wiki code from, you know who you are.