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Recent picture of Kappa

Kappainfo.pngCharacter Info

Name: Aaron *Kappa* Tanquay

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: WaterBorn

Court: Spring 3

Notable Traits:

Mask: to the mortals Kappa Is a very Athletic young man, stands around 5'10 maybe a 125 pounds soaking wet, He is positively Adorable (SL 2) he Keeps his hair in dreadlocks that go past his shoulder, tied off with shells, brightly colored thread and mirrored disk, his dark brown eyes glinting with laughter, lips quirked into a flirtatious smile. He is typically Seen wearing board shorts and a tank top sans shoes with his ever present hemp anklet, looking like he is ether leaving or heading to the beach, and his smell,

Mein: To those with the sight, Kappa looks like the demons he is named after, solid black eyes, Dreadlocks seem to be some sort of underwater plant life, stray strands swirling like they are underwater, total lack of body hair, his smooth skin covered in a constant stream of running water, three gill slits on each side of his neck under his jawline. his fingers and toes are webbed and are tipped with very sharp claws (lethal mein) and the anklet shows its true form, a hedgespun woven from living kelp and shell beads. When he speaks you could almost swear you hear the roll of water, the sound of the tides rushing in. Amoung the lost ones, he quit often leaves no foot prints, only the smell of the ocean

his mantle manifest as a stray breeze that carries the bite of salt, a breeze that warms teases your skin as it dances across you that smells of green as plants reach out to caress him

Title or Position:

Kappahistory.pngInfo Known

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Feel Free to add any rumors or tall tales you've heard from or about Kappa.

  • ya know, the reason he goes by kappa is thats what he is, no Im not talking about being changed into one, somehow this hobgoblin escaped from the matriarch and went through the hedge, following the tatters of some poor saps soul, eating them as he went, by the time he found a gate he was changed into the lost that you see now.
  • Kappa, started off as a very vain person, one night he was staring into the water, checking himself out when *she* came, she took his reflection dragging him to her world, before tossing his reflection into the moon, he managed to win his reflection back from the moon one night and made the moon promise to watch over him.
  • He's actually courtless, since you know that hobs cant be part of the courts, but he managed to buy the mantle off of a very very desperate Airtouched. Using his skills he tied the breezes of that elemental's mantle to his shadow, thats why he dont wear shoes much. He is afraid that they will rub the ties that bind the spring breeze to him, enough that the strings will snap.
  • I swear, this guy, for all his flirting and joking around. for all he claims to only be a beach bum, He is Kinda Scary, I mean I heard that He beat this summer courtier in a hedgeduel, like the other guy never saw him coming, Just a knife to the back and the guy was paralyzed. Afterwards he spit on the guy and walked out of the hedge, leaving him to the thorns and brambles.
    • The night before this duel happened, He slept with two guys ones a dusk court and the other Autumn, both have strong ass mantles, and we all know how crazy scary those guys are. Well all it took was that and the worship as his feet. Gods only know what really happened
  • If you pick a fight with him, he'll pick right back. If you flirt with him, he'll flirt right back. Expect him to come on stronger than you did, either way.
  • He is a melo-dromatic liar, sneak, and cheat... but in war, all is fair, and all that. Winners write history while losers b#$% about rules and are forgotten.
  • Like the kappa of legend, if you can knock him over and dump the water out of his hair, you can kill him quickly and cleanly.
  • Has made Professor Mercury's "Dissection List" at least thrice. When asked for comment, Mercury only replies. "Dreds."
  • An incorrigible flirt, but it's worth putting up with that if he feeds you.
  • He has a strong thing about pollution and water, probably something that goes with his name but you never know, maybe there's something more to it.



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File:Kappaooc.pngOOC Info

Player: Thomas Harden

Location: [[]]

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Changeling PC

Player: Thomas Harden
Character: Kappa
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Waterborn
Court: Spring
Freehold: Puerto Rico
VST: Virtual Lost VST