Karl Meyer

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Milwaukee, WI
Player: GL ARST Masq CAI
Storyteller: GL ARST Masq CAI

Residence: Milwaukee
Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Confirmed as an elder of the Camarilla
Established as an elder of the Camarilla
Privileged as an elder of the Camarilla
Enforcer and Guardian as the Keeper of Elysium Fleeting:

Notable Traits: Karl Meyer is a very cold individual. However, what he lacks in social grace, he makes up for in a powerful persona. As the Keeper of Elysium, he tends to keep to himself. He's more concerned with propriety than with being a good host.

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

Karl Meyer is a very private sort of man, and has been in Milwaukee nearly as long as any other Kindred. He is greatly invested in the Shriners and is credited with the construction of the Tripoli Shriners Temple. He possesses an admirable amount of sway in the religious and occult fields, even making some Tremere jealous of his occult knowledge and abilities. Meyer is also a talented silversmith, using mostly an old Spanish style, but much of his work has Cajun influence as well.

Known by the Harpies

Karl Meyer knows the Protocols of the Camarilla so well, he could have written them.

Known by the Clan Malkavian

Karl Meyer is a great local personage, a tribute to the Seers.



Note: Those looking for a lineage for their PC or NPC may speak with the GL ARST Cam/Anarch/Indep about lineage ties.


Quotes by Karl Meyer:

  • "I am the Keeper of the ancient Kindred tradition of Elysium here in Milwaukee. Many find Elysium confusing, but the rules are actually quite simple and intuitive, if you understand their spirit. It helps to know that Elysium is not merely a place or a code. Elysium is as self-aware as you are. My mind is the embodiment of the spirit and law of Elysium. Elysium's law functions as prevention through awareness of cause and effect. If you should violate the spirit of Elysium, then the retaliatory law of Elysium is engaged, and Elysium shall violate you in return--no more, no less."

Quotes about Karl Meyer:

  • "We all have our ideals. I respect those who actually hold to their ideals. Meyer is even more than that: he becomes his ideals in an admirably metaphysical way." --Eugene Hawthorne


  • Karl Meyer has actually been in Milwaukee even longer than Hrothulf, but isn't telling.
  • Karl Meyer could not have achieved the artfulness that is manifest in the Tripoli Shrine Temple without Eugene Hawthorne's guidance and tutelage.
  • Meyer knows that he couldn't have done what he has without Eugene Hawthorne, but he doesn't care, because his scheme is much bigger.
  • Karl Mayer is a devotee of the teachings of Zelios.
  • Karl Meyer keeps a room in his house filled with empty coffins from various time periods, dating back as far as the 16th Century.
  • Karl Meyer is the real power in Milwaukee. He's building the city up to enhance the ley lines found there, but nobody can guess to what purpose.

OOC Information

This character is an NPC run by the GL ARST Masq CAI. All OOC questions about this NPC and IC correspondence directed to the NPC should be directed to the GL ARST Masq CAI.