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Favored by Elder Tennyson
Favored by Elder Marshal
Loyal by Clan Head Foster

Loyal by Harpy Toby Dior


Great-Grandsire: Trajan
Grandsire: Powell
Sire: Morgan Goring
Childer: Roadrash

Alexander Bane (RIP)
Mr. Allen
Rags (RIP)


American Southwest
United States
Summer 1985:
Richmond, VA
Baltimore, MD
Acknowledged in the Camarilla
Washington, D.C.

Richmond, VA


Mary Anne Bell
The Things They Carried
Dally Winston
The Outsiders

Tony Poe
CIA Paramilitary Officer
Viktor Frankl
Holocaust Survivor & Logotherapist

Imperator Furiosa
Mad Max: Fury Road
Nicky Nichols
Orange Is The New Black

Brown Bird
Short Way Home
The Builders and The Butchers
Elastic Heart
Sia, The Weekend, Diplo

Kasserine Powell Playlist



"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way."

-- Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl


A former guerilla fighter in Vietnam and Cambodia, Kasserine is a Nosferatu defined by the conflicts she's participated in. Acknowledging loyalty to neither Camarilla nor Sabbat and openly derisive of the Anarch movement in the early years after her Embrace, the veteran avoided cultivating many of the important relationships other Nosferatu depend on within her Clan, even after her return to the United States. A self-professed loner, Kasserine was nevertheless a pugnacious, vexing, indomitable character with a dry, gallows sense of humor in her limited interactions with others.

Outside of these personal interactions, Kasserine was known to a handful of members of her Clan through her work as a mercenary and a "finder" -- someone with a normal, mundane knack for tracking down missing things, and who made something of a living providing that service to others. She was also known to other members of fringe groups like the Autarkis, Independents, and Anarchs. However, both her generation and sire were a mystery until January 2015 when Goodman Goring reunited her with the Powell lineage.

KasserinePowell Anastasias Art-o-Rama.png

Steiner dot1.png "So before any of the Mask wonder if Kasserine 'is no stronger than her sex' I urge them to remember the other half of the Bard's line, 'her being so father'd and so husbanded'. She is the blood of my blood, she is my daughter, and she has survived an accounting and time in the wilderness that I doubt few others would. And so I say to Kasserine as the Orcale did to Orestes: "Take no weapons. No shield. No army. Go alone—a hand in the night. Snare them. Slaughter them. You have the right." - Goodman Goring

Steiner dot1.png "If you're so curious about my kinswoman, go talk to her." ...stare... "Not so curious now, are you? Can't say as I blame you." - Rags

Steiner dot1.png "Did her sire MEAN to embrace himself with breasts? If so, he certainly seems to have hit the mark. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you." - Marisa Boyd
Steiner dot1.png "I hate the "Goring with tits" thing. It's disgusting. Goring said it better, more right. I'm not his goddamn Mrs. Pac Man." - Kasserine Powell

Steiner dot1.png "Kass says what's on her mind. I like that. Even when it's me she's lambasting up one wall and down another." - Thomas Hobbes
Steiner dot1.png "Far too many younger Kindred do not truly understand the Jyhad because they are too mired in what they were rather than what they are. Kasserine is to be watched and feared by her enemies because she is precisely the opposite. My only regret is that Goring found her before I did." - Malcolm Lancaster

Steiner dot1.png "Watching her speak and act with such vim and vigor... she is an inspiration, an aspiration even. I hope that she will visit Houston again soon." - Vervain
Steiner dot1.png "She is pure fire - like magma under the earth's crust. Even when cooled and tempered over time, she will be an opposing force. After all, lava becomes obsidian, which can be the strongest of weapons." - Danielle Ropchan

Steiner dot1.png "The difference between pawn and prodigy is rather clear. Pawns are ordered to sacrifice whilst prodigies, having understood the strategy, are left free to seek out and engage targets of their selection. The pawn repeats what they are told... the prodigy synthesizes, adapts, and improvises, creating their own response. A pawn's name must be continually reintroduced, lest it be quickly forgotten, while a prodigy is brought up by others unbidden. Likewise, the prodigy does not need to speak to their capabilities, for they are shown in action and their names mentioned by others, while the pawn is left to cry 'Me too!' So really, the line between pawn and prodigy is not so fine at all and the distance between the two is more like a canyon than a crease." - Goodman Goring


Steiner dot1.png "Smart, tough, fearless, mouthy. Reminds me of me." - Serratus

Steiner dot1.png "Daughter of Goring? No. Childe of the Myrmidon? No. She is Kasserine Powell, and she needs not stand in her sire's long shadow. She has placed herself on the board and is now th master of her own destiny, for weal or for woe. May she send her foes screaming into hell." - Marus, the Maker
Steiner dot1.png "I was not aware that Goring had embraced one of his blunderbusses." - Ardante Saint-Martin

Steiner dot1.png "A voice of her own. Try telling her otherwise and see what she says. Go on, try it if you dare". - Penny Dreadful
Steiner dot1.png "You can say a lot more in sound than you can in words. Music lets you reach out and grab somebody in the brain. Even if they hear something totally different, they're still feeling something somethin' close to what you feel. Music can't lie if it's in you. Music is a way of talking without words. Without letting all the shit in between get in the way." - Kasserine Powell

Steiner dot1.png "Just because an Elder chose to embrace well does not make her a miracle. Let her live as a Kindred longer than half a century and then talk to me about her." - Jared Goodman
Steiner dot1.png "The Magister told me you were rumored to have the temper of an Anarch. I told him now wasn’t the time to insult Anarchs." - Des

Steiner dot1.png "Anyone who bases their opinions of Kasserine on her age and presentation alone is an idiot." - Marisa Boyd
Steiner dot1.png "Those who is beholden to the idea that Neonates can't get shit done ain't met Kass." - Gator Joe
Steiner dot1.png "It’s all shit. But we got a car, and smokes, and booze, and a whole night to waste with good music. So let’s keep drivin’ an’ we’ll figure it out as we go, alright?" - Kasserine Powell to Ollie Ellsworth

Steiner dot1.png "let's just say this: she is a beautiful speaker." - Ollie Ellsworth

Steiner dot1.png "An intriguing woman. I believe there are hidden depths she has yet to discover." - The Venetian
Steiner dot1.png "I'm not bossy. I'm the boss." - Kasserine Powell back at her mouthy childe Roadrash
Steiner dot1.png "There are some stories I will never tell." - Orenna Komnenos
Steiner dot1.png "Just. Like. Her. Father." - June

Kasserine Powell Apocalypse Now.png

Steiner dot1.png "Kasserine has to be the single most capable neonate I have ever encountered. So far, she is noble diplomat, vaunted soldier, and spy without equal above those of us who have done it for centuries. Next she will walk on the moon and spin straw into gold for the pleasure of the Clan Head." - Serratus
Steiner dot1.png "The blessing and curse of an infamous line, those close to the Little Grandmother know it well. She has my empathy for the tricky act of honoring those you care for, even when you know they are being problems, and becoming something outside of their shadow." - Kopek
Steiner dot1.png "When confronted with two sides of a coin-- both conflicting-- it is only natural to assume that one of those sides is a carefully constructed mask. The challenge then becomes determining which one. This can be made even more difficult when the coin itself has forgotten." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson

Steiner dot1.png "If I had my druthers we'd be on a plane to France this weekend and I'd slap Lagerfeld around until that wrinkled little prune designed a one off for you entitled "Bitch Queen of the Universe" but, sadly, I have Court and need to sort out the whole "my Prince thinks my Clan are a bunch of morons" issue." - Bastien La Roux to Kasserine
Steiner dot1.png "This Nosferatu has a sound strategic mind, asks the right questions. A bold straightforwardness that reminds me of myself. Well met." - Elder Grim Ljotur, Clan Nosferatu
Steiner dot1.png "One of Goring's cast-offs; Idle hands are the devil's playground... let's see if we can't employ this young Haunt in some meaningful service." - Benjamin Sharp

Steiner dot1.png "When the span of her nights turns from decades to centuries, she will either find herself asking, 'What have I done with my life?' or she will find herself proclaiming, 'See what I have done with my life.' The choice is hers, but until it is made she teeters on the brink of the singular oblivion that is: Regret." - Prince Serafin
Steiner dot1.png "I'm not sure who's older but she's still so YOUNG. I half want to fold her in and half want to shake her till the sense fills the gaps. So much potential, so little time. Let's hope Nature wins against Nurture, shall we?" - Nenette
Steiner dot1.png "Queen of Spades. Suite of air and blades. Veins full of foreign dirt and gasoline, not sure whether she'd rather swallow God or a match." - The Gambler

Steiner dot1.png "Kass? Well, I've never met them. But I have heard stories about them. I've heard about how they've fought and kicked some serious ass in their time. I look forward to actually meeting the legend face-to-face in Vegas." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
Steiner dot1.png "Ms. Powell is a testament to the fact that the Nosferatu are a Pillar in the Tower. Somewhat gruff, but willing to do what is necessary." - Elder Velasco Paez de Leon
Steiner dot1.png "Oh Kass, she's the brother I never had. What we have in common separates us. I can't and won't try to fix her, but I will always look out." - Serena Montgomery
Steiner dot1.png "She wears a heart on her sleeve but it isn't always her own. I have welcomed this gale, sic fiat." - Harper Gray
Steiner dot1.png "Taka and Kass have a fantastic working relationship. As neonates he looks to her more as a sister than cousin." - Taka

Steiner dot1.png "If I had known back then what she would take from me, I would have had very different words for her. I hope they both get what they deserve in the end." - Lexi von Jaeger
Steiner dot1.png "It takes a lot to earn - more than someone like me could ever do. But if she says she'll be there to catch you when you fall, then you better believe her. The Devil himself couldn't stop her from catching you." - Ethan Sullivan
Steiner dot1.png "If wishes were horses, we wouldn't all be murder victims." - Kasserine Powell, to two friends
Steiner dot1.png "Leave a quote!" - Name



Steiner dot1.png Bull dyke? No way. I've seen her for the last couple months around Texas. These nights, she's pretty as a pistol.

Steiner dot1.png The neonate stood in for the Nosferatu Clan Head, Malcolm Lancaster at the National Conclave in Roanoke, VA and at the Fantasy Factory in Las Vegas, NV in 2015.

Steiner dot1.png Kasserine was interrogated by different authorities after her sire was Forsaken from the Sect and disappeared.

Steiner dot1.png The first time she attended a Camarilla gathering with her sire, he forgot that he'd brought her with him. After getting drunk, Goring made a pass at the Prince's lady wife and started a fight with the Prince over it. In order to keep her only lifeline into the Camarilla from getting Disgraced, Kasserine -- an unreleased neonate -- dragged Goring out of the gathering in a fireman's carry. It's little wonder she never got the social polishing she needed to know how to behave in Camarilla society.

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Kasserine Powell

Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Richmond, VA
Player: Maria Cambone
VST: Chris Ost

I am always happy to develop new character ties, especially with new members in the org, so feel free to contact me at your leisure. Please note that I am not open to developing romantic ties with this PC, nor am I interested in ties wherein my PC needs to be rescued by yours. Thank you - I can't wait to hear from you!

Possible Character Ties:

  • Finding Lost Things: Did your PC lose something important, or need something returned to them at some point in their past? Were they having a hard time locating that item, or liberating it from its current owner? Kasserine has a mundane knack for finding things borne of simple patience and tenacity. Perhaps she helped you out in the past!
  • Catering to the Rich: Perhaps your PC kept a certain low-life vampire in his or her employ who had a knack for being able to procure special luxuries without charging too much or asking too many questions. For example, did your High Clan character ever feel that it was more humane to have someone else collect blood for them from a group of humans kept safe just for that purpose, so they wouldn't have to hunt, feed, or worry about the mess and Masquerade on their own? Kasserine could have done your dirty work.
  • Information Brokering: Do you have a juicy piece of information that you want to sell, but don't know how to find the right buyer to get the most bang for your buck? Is it something that you can't advertise you know, but really want to get sell? Perhaps your PC contacted Kasserine Powell -- an information broker who helped you make the right connections and score high payouts from lucrative buyers for your legwork. PCs are also welcome to bring brokering opportunities to Kass in chronicle.
  • Mercenary Work: Need a hired gun to watch your back, or to rough someone up? Maybe you hired Kasserine. The deal could have gone well, poorly, or even turned interesting (for example, a la "The Train Job" in Firefly).

Important Notes:

  • PCs with character ties to Kasserine will not be aware that she is a descendant of Goodman Goring through background ties -- this was announced IC when the PC entered play in January 2015. Furthermore, Kasserine never explicitly identified herself as a Nosferatu before 2009, although observers could likely note her regular use of Nosferatu disciplines or her disfigurement under her Mask of 1000 Faces and put two and two together themselves.
  • Kasserine deliberately avoided contact with members of the Powell lineage. Nosferatu players in this lineage had very limited exposure to her until the PC entered play in January 2015.
  • Kasserine was a neonate by social age when she entered play. She was only Acknowledged in the Sect, and is now only Acknowledged and Confirmed. Despite her potent blood, she does not claim Elder status.

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