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Character Information

Name: Katrina "Kat"

Deed Name: Ghost Light

Race: Bastet

Pryio: Daylight

Rank: Ilani

Notable Traits:

  • Amethyst hair
  • Muddy green eyes
  • Punk attire
  • Wears a chain with several charms
    • Figure of Bast
    • Wispy orb with inscribed glyphs
    • Flat pendent with a glyph on either side
    • Two charm fragments of a larger whole
  • Has four spirit marks
    • Bastet Glyph from Hong Kong on the back of her neck
    • Crocodile bite on her left shoulder
    • Banana peel on her inner left forearm
    • Small set of claw marks down her right arm
  • No scent
  • Graceful


Words Overheard

  • "That's fucked up. You don't take a bird's wings. Rude."
  • "It was phenomenally satisfying to watch Nightfucker die."
  • "Sometimes I'm too damn nosey for my own good."
  • "You did just agree to be the Knight of Leanbh an Tuar Ceatha, Seelie Countess of East Atlanta, babe."
  • "Any particular reason that you're offering up your Tribal secrets in exchange for a bag of skittles?"
  • "Anyone pulls out a motherfucking cardboard box to hide under is getting their ass left in Malfeus, I swear to fucking Gaia."


Character Image

- Image to be posted eventually -


  • "Between your licking wounds and tasting lies... I'm regretting getting off on the wrong foot." - Spyder
  • "This one actually gets it. And hasn't tried to lick me yet." - Boots
  • "She says Fuck a lot more than the last one of her kind I met, but she seems to understand me. I've never had much in the way of friends, I'd like to think I can count her as one of them." - Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "With all the cats I've known, this one feels like family. Which is weird considering I'm a bird." - Specter's Flight
  • "Mau's been the one constant in my life, which - if you truly understood the irony of that statement - should make you facepalm." - Qena
  • "Let none deny the cunning of a cat for they weave the glamour of illusion as easy as I breathe. I shall call you Ghost Light, and the Orphans shall know what that means." - Amun's Promise
  • "That female is trouble. Whether or not it's the fun kind I'm waiting to find out. UPDATE: Okay, she's the fun kind... but I'm still in trouble." - Lara Radic, Tides of War
  • "She's family. That's saying something coming from a Lupus Fenrir." - Primal-Balance
  • "First its the anal vibrator, then a kick to a crotch.... I...I... I think it's love." - Jacob Redding
  • "The winds whisper there is more to this individual's story than I will ever know. We all have our secrets, but I have seen her actions when under pressure and it is on that I will judge her." - Kanaka Wild Wind
  • "I am damn lucky to call Kat family. She's taught me not to ever take anything for granted. Kat makes the world brighter." - Lilly Bloodstone
  • "Katrina is the most friendly, forthcoming, and giving of information of any... Gaian I have ever met. It was a pleasure." - Dirk, Seelie Court Emissary
  • "She has a wealth of knowledge on things I thought to be myth. Hopefully, if I mind my Ps and Qs, she might just teach me some things." - Edgar Everett
  • "I'm still convinced that the Kat has nine lives, no matter what my senses say." - Max "Fervent Knowledge" Russell
  • "She's alright...for a Cat. Talks a lot." - Simona Decebal
  • "You're like one of the cats that I don’t wanna gut on principle that your kind eats mine." - Marbolo Red
  • Feel free to add one!


  • Looks an awful lot like Brigid. Are they twins?
  • She may look like a teenager, but she's definitely older than she looks.
  • ...Rat likes her. Why does Rat like her??
  • Feel free to add one!

OOC Information
Player Name: Rowan Artemis - E-mail
MES Number: US2012040072
Domain: Atlanta, GA - City Wiki
VST: Miranda Rosenblum - ST E-mail
RC: Chris Roberts - RC E-mail