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Kate (real name Tai McLeon)

Awakening PC

Player: Jules Cox
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Consilium: Westward Haven ••
City: Fort Worth
Cabal: Guardians of the West
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Character History

After college, which involved a lot of medical technology training, Kate traveled the world with Doctors Without Borders - after all, every doctor needs support staff. Kate looked after the equipment. In the Congo, she contracted malaria and was technically dead for several minutes. During that time, she experienced a horrific vision of oblivion, and came back to life convinced that there is absolutely no afterlife, no gods, no greater purpose to the universe. The world was only a speck in the great emptiness of space. Life was therefore precious beyond measure, because it is all we have.

Kate came back to the States and has been working in the medical technology field at Baylor Hospital in Fort Worth. She was part of a coven that was destroyed by the Seers, and has been working to undo the damage they wrought to the city. She is helping to organize a coven of Guardians of the Veil mages, to pool their resources and protect mages from the world - and the world from mages.


Despite the bleakness of her atheistic philosophy, it is the source of Kate's fiery passion. Every second, every experience is precious, fleeting. Every bit of life is the most divine thing there is. She marvels at the universe, and at her fellow humans. She sees the magic in everything, clings to it desperately, and protects it like a candle in a hurricane.

Though she genuinely likes people, she frequently doesn't really know what to do with them. She has little to no filter between her brain and her mouth. She is unabashed about sexuality, but is not remotely seductive. She wouldn't know how. Subtlety just doesn't work with her. She has to really concentrate to be tactful. She is prone to rants.

It is possible Kate falls along the autism spectrum, on the high functioning/Asperger's side of things.


Like many geeks, she is socially awkward. She is neither feminine nor masculine, occupying a kind of androgynous zone. She wears no make-up, keeps her medium-length hair in a ponytail, and is usually in jeans and a t-shirt. She wears glasses and is short, about 5 feet tall. She is frequently accompanied by her familiar, a duck named Buster. She is unamused by attempts to name him Daffy, Donald, Scrooge, Howard, etc.


Kate is, above and beyond all other things, a consummate researcher. While her magical abilities are limited, she is at her best when in a library with books, an internet connection and coffee. She can use a gun and is fairly sneaky.