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Sabbat PC

Player: Crystal Chappelle
Character: Katerine Engel
Clan: Tzimisce
Status: OOO
Domain: Vancouver, WA
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Character Information

Name: Katerine Engel

Clan: Tzimisce

Faction: Loyalist

Status: She is know to be initiated and a loyalist in the Sabbat, and courageous by word of Archbishop LeBasque.

Notable Traits: Katerine is more than a little off-putting when one first meets her; she tends to stand deathly still, forgets to breathe and blink and tends to look 'through' people rather than looking 'at' them. Even when she remembers to 'fake it' she makes others uncomfortable; part of this is her, part of it is that her attention is always split, but thanks to the air being constantly freezing around her mortals don't usually stand close enough to notice. She is usually found in the company of her childe Rein, although she has been known to wander off and 'find things' on her own - much to Rein's exasperation.

Title or Position:

Appearance Somewhat taller than average, her absent mindedness tends to emphasize her odd drifting gate; her drifting walk to match her drifting attention. She often dresses is black and white to match her black hair and white skin, relieved only by a splash of crimson lipstick.


  • She had a vision of a large wolf with a rose in its mouth, which is why they are in Portland. She personally executed (read: burnt to a cinder) the former Camarilla Primogen of Gangrel, thus (possibly) fulfilling the vision.

OOC Information


Player: Crystal Chappelle

MES Number: US2012040019

Location: Vancouver, WA

Player Information

Crystal Chappelle

Cam Number: US2012040019
Home Domain: Vancouver, WA

Also player of: