Katherine "Kat" McCleran

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Katherine "Kat" McCleran


Status in Kindred Society

  • Acknowledged by Elder Prince Lilliana Grace

Details Known to Kindred Society

  • Her sire is Jackie Johns, Prince of Middle Iowa

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

  • She once slew an entire Sabbat pack by herself.
  • She collects eyeballs.
  • She once killed 4 Elder traitors by climbing a tree and slicing off their heads as they tried to escape.
  • Otep gave her a Ferrari simply because she liked the lips painted on it.
  • She might look all innocent and sweet, just watch her, she'll gut you like a fish.
  • Stay away from her during storms, she's a real bitch!
  • It is said she's related to a Justicar, but that's ridiculous.

Quotes from Kindred Society

  • "Heard a few rumors about this kindred. Looking forward to finding out the truth of the matter when opportunity presents itself." --Malcolm Donovan

Known Allies

OOC Information


Player: Lisa Lindsey

MES Number: US2014030085

Location: GA-011-D The Garden of Good and Evil (Savannah, GA)

Region: South East Region

Country: United States

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade

VST: LeRoy Bartell