Kaylynn Thorne

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Shadow Name:Aestus

Sleeper Alias: Kaylynn Thorne


Quote: "When fighting angry blind men, best to just stay out of the way." Mr Han- Karate Kid


  • Born Oct 31 1921
  • 1932- Father commits Suicide
  • 1935- Brother dies in the war
  • 1937- Mother moves family to Western Virginia only adding fuel to an already angry fire
  • 1942- Became a full blown Moonshine Runner
  • 1950- Won first prize at the Stock Car races but was never given credit as "who would believe a girl can drive like that" Prize was given to Boone (her BFF at the time)because it HAD to be him driving. -Spent the next several months setting the Revenuer's on the Moonshine runners who smeared her Rep, including Boone.

-Awakened in a fire Boone Set after he beat her: Shadows were permanent, it was more than she could stand and she sensed something foul stir within her, rushing to the surface and overwhelming her with a hideous scream. Anger enveloped her soul, possessing her, tearing her apart with an appalling rage. She loses all control releasing a smoke filled gasp and rattled cough as her lungs begin to defy her.

...Hard to breathe... She tries to pull more air into her lungs ...Can’t breathe... her head swims and everything blurs.

Her emotions were caught in a suffocating whirl of hatred and disgust and she found herself thrashing against the frail plaster walls of her mind, howling to be rid of this odious cell. But the feeling soon passed and she was left with no more than a sour aftertaste of grief, and a faint longing for something she can no longer quite recall.

She cursed all that she saw until she was weak and exhausted. Closing her eyes she expected to embrace death.

Turning her head she looked at her reflection in a molten puddle next to her. Something different on her face; coldly beautiful... silently erotic... burned... Reaching through the fire, she signed her name in the ashes. As she raised her eyes, there sat a man with patient eyes. His lips moved and in her cold battered shell she knew a new life had formed; A woman reborn.

  • 1955- Joined the Arrow - Became a Perfected Adept
  • 1956- Was sent to Lawrence by Ram to assist and joined a Cabal with Grey Wolf(npc) and several others.
  • 1995- Opened a small Dojo in Lawrence as a front for a training establishment for Arrows
  • 2006- Met Cowboy when he joined the Arrow
  • 2010- Lost Grey Wolf- Member of her Cabal and Uncle/Mentor to Cowboy in a Paradox Storm in Topeka. Spends any downtime she has searching for him.


  • Frank Martin -The Transporter
  • Mr Han -The Karate Kid
  • Black Widow -Marvel
  • Oliver Queen "Arrow" - DC
  • Mani- Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • Most people see fear as a weakness. It can be. Sometimes for my job, I have to put fear in other people. I know that's not right. But if I'm honest, like the fourth step asks us to be, I have to be ruthless, because failure is not an option. The same goes for my sobriety. I have to be ruthless with myself. I have to use my fear. It makes me stronger. - Doug Stamper (House of Cards)

Character Description

Coldly beautiful... silently erotic... mentally scared and sees herself as flawed


  • Flames that change color depending on her mood



  • Never was their woman who disliked chaos as much as her... That’s a lie.

Looking For

  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • Rivals
  • Associates
  • Order mates
  • Allies





  • Gangstagrass
  • Live To Rise- Soundgarden
  • Still Counting- Volbeat
  • Remember Everything- Five Finger Death Punch
  • Music from Sons of Anarcy
  • Music from Justified

Awakening PC

Player: Danielle Sullivan
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••
Legacy: Perfected Adept
Position: Sentinal
Consilium: •••
City: Lawrence, Ks
Cabal: The watchers of the wild
VST: Storyteller Name