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Character Information




Name: Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
Clan: Toreador
Social Status: Elder
Generation: 8th
Age: 350+
Domain: Waterloo (includes the Texas cities of Austin, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos)
Demeanor: Comes across most strongly as either a Rogue, Director, or an Autocrat


  • Acknowledged- by Prince Durand on 6/15/13 in the Domain of Waterloo
  • Abiding as Elder- Confirmed, Established, & Privileged
  • Abiding as Primogen- Noble


  • Favored- by Elder John A. Ketwick of Clan Ventrue
  • Favored- by Elder Alonso Gutierrez of Clan Toreador
  • Favored- by Elder Inanna of Clan Malkavian
  • Honorable- by Harpy Forbes of Clan Toreador in the Domain of Waterloo



  • Great, Great, Great Grandsire: Arikel (Toreador)
  • Great, Great Grandsire: Helena
  • Great Grandsire: François Villon
  • Grandsire: Renee Villon
  • Sire: Aloyshius De Medici
  • Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • Childer: None Known or Claimed

Notable Traits:

  • Speaks with a distinctive Irish Brogue that swings from Old World to American Irish

General Timeline

  • 1650 - 1700 : Embraced at sea in the English Channel, between France and the British Isles.
  • 1794 - 1804 : Resided in England & Ireland respectively. Extensive sea travel logged.
  • 1805 - 1836 : New York, NY
  • 1837 - 1881 : New Orleans, LA
  • 1882 - 2013 : Resided in Austin, Texas for more than a Century under a supportive Toreador Praxis.

Recent Timeline

  • June, July, & August 2013 : Emerged from the wreckage of Prince Xavier's downfall and gave support to the Durand Praxis. He summoned enough Toreador to the Domain to meet the minimum Status requirement set by Prince Durand to become a Primogen. Shortly after securing this position he was recruited and made "mouthpiece" for the Toreador Guild known as the Star Chamber.
  • September, October, November & December 2013 : In the months following becoming Primogen and joining the Star Chamber, Kendrick rapidly rose in Status and arguable reach. It is well known that he travels extensively within his Region and makes frequent contact with Toreador of Domains from coast to coast. He was elected to the Council of Petals for the South Central Region, has patronage of Elders both inside and outside the Clan.
  • January-February 2014 : The death of Clan Head Victoria Ash has placed Kendrick Seamus O'Shea at the center of the political storm, i.e. the election of the new Toreador Clan Head by virtue of his seat on the Council of Petals. It is also known that he is involved in the investigation into her demise.
  • March-April 2014 : O'Shea took part in the battle to avenge Victoria Ash against the Sabbat. In addition, his various machinations on the Council of Petals earned him disfavor of the Ventrue House Constantinian when their selected Toreador ally was not chosen as Toreador Clan Head. Instead, this honor went to Ms. Thorn whom O'Shea had been actively supporting behind the scenes.
  • April 2014 Conclave : O'Shea meets apparent Final Death at the Conclave despite the normal protections afforded such a meeting. The now deposed Prince Durand claimed O'Shea Bloodhunted but the timing makes it clear that his death happened prior to this declaration at the hands of House Constantinian (a House to which Durand belongs) making it appear very much that his destruction was swept under the rug.

Summary Background

An Irish smuggler who specialized in running banned goods from France to Scotland and Ireland, Kendrick Seamus O'Shea got paid in more than coin when he took on Aloyshius il Lorenzo 'de Medici as a passenger. It is beleived that the powerful de Medici was in France expanding his commercial empire. The smuggler who had his own ship must have been a convenient tool to the old monster. It is known that Kendrick spent a decade or so in the British Isles serving his Sire further in smuggling and sea trade. From there, the enterprising he set sail for the new world. He spent a scant three decades in New York City before moving deep south to New Orleans where he resided at length. He remained until after the Civil War and then finding New Orleans under the reconstruction had lost its former allure, went west to Austin, Texas. He has been a resident there, or at least using it as his home base, ever since. Mr. O'Shea is known in Toreador circles as an aficionado of the cinema. That is a kind way of saying his art is almost entirely invested in the making modern films. He is responsible for the numerous film festivals which are centered in Austin, Texas as well as the ever increasing number of movies shot in and around Texas. Prior to his success in this field, many of his fellow Roses would have called him a dilettante, a man without vision or discipline because he dabbled in painting, moved to photography when the technology appeared and dove headfirst into cinema from the roaring twenties on. Recent upheaval in Austin, caused by the madness of former Prince Xavier, has led to a severe turn of fortune for the Toreador in the city. Mr. O'Shea found himself to be the only survivor of the Roses, or at least the first to appear from the rubble. His survival is largely attributed to good relations maintained with other Clans, with special emphasis on a Malkavian known only as Inanna. While Mr. O'Shea had served as Clan Whip off and on over the previous decades, he now found himself as the sole representative of the Clan and without much in the way of allies. He sent out a call to his various relatives and friends to bolster the Toreador cause. Chloe Pavlis responded quickly, as did an enigmatic Toreador going by the name J.D. or Mr. Drake. With their arrival and the appearance of a few other Toreador within the city limits, the Clan was able to seat Mr. O'Shea as Primogen.


  • "I hear this O'Shea guy actually has one of master craftsman Izaak Engelstahl's swords in his possesion.
  • "Talk about going from zero to hero. If Xavier hadn't run mad we never would have know this guy existed."
  • "You would think after a couple of hundred years in America he would lose the brogue."
  • "I hear he is a coward and will bend whichever way the wind blows."
  • "Deadly are the artisan who profess to have no art, for theirs is the art of deception."
  • "This guy privately owns the entire Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters."
  • "It is a miracle he lived when the rest of the Clan died. I heard his Malkavian girlfiend hid him."
  • "I hear a lot of odd things about him but if I go by his recent success I'd have to say he is doing something right."
  • "All I know is the Toreador Domain within the city limits is now 6th Street. How the hell did he manage that?"
  • "Does anyone know anything about this guy?"
  • "Some seem to think him a little to proud of himself in his meteoric rise. They say, 'the nail that sticks up gets hammered down'."
  • "I hear he bought the election that put him on the Council of Petals, and now this guy is going help pick the new Clan Head."


  • "When Seamus called for aid, how could I do anything but respond? City in chaos; Toreador name disgraced; it was a perfect recipe for my unique talents. O'Shea repays his debts; of that, I am confident," -- J.D. Drake
  • "This rose has thorns. One should be careful when attempting to pick." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "Primogen O'Shea has that old flavor of honor that is so lacking in the 21st century. - Mr. Chen
  • "My Grand Uncle always takes care of me. My Primogen has me take care of myself... and others. I don't know which one I prefer." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I have learned a delightful thing about Primogen O'Shea. If you push the right button, you'll get a prize!" - Nenette
  • "Honorable. Very honorable. I remember this old world quality, that Mr. O' Shea possesses. It's refreshing, in this modern world, that lacks this merit." Candice Caine
  • "If verbage is the new fisticuffs of this age, Primogen O'Shea is very well armed." - Tamberland
  • "Seamus is a fantastic conversationalist. One must be diligent in order to catch the conversation that goes on between his words." - Angelo
  • "Primogen O'Shea says he's a lover and not a fighter. Though even us Irish know you don't have to throw fisticuffs to be a fighter." - Zack Snyder
  • "I once had the good fortune to be able to do the Noble Mr. O'Shea a good turn while I had the power to do so. Now that my position is... less than strong, I have learned to my benefit that Primogen O'Shea does not forget his friends, just as he does not forget an insult." -Cornelius Stuyvesant, PHD
  • "What is Irish diplomacy? It's the ability to tell a man to go to hell in a way that he will look forward to making the trip." -Inanna
  • "He's a man that wears hearts and diamonds on his sleeves and never lets you see the spades hiding behind his teeth." - The Gambler
  • "I would follow him into battle, and if you really knew me, you'd know how much that means." - Master Harpy Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "The Primogen of Clan Toreador has a strong sense on the pulse of Kine in his city. I appreciate that." - Dexter Mara
  • "O'Shea fancies himself an upstanding and courteous gentleman. I wonder what other delusional derangements he suffers from." -a private pondering by Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "Elder O'Shea seems to be just another Elder that thinks I am incapable to lead my clan in the city, I respect that he at least vocalized such an opinion, for now I will continue to do what I have been doing." - Michael
  • "He's like any other Toreador, 'cept he's actually smarter than he lets on." - Mason Dempsey
  • "To underestimate Primogen O'Shea would be a grave error in judgement." Miss Maggie
  • "Seamus O'Sh#@head." Anonymous Anarch

Cast of Characters

  • Inanna - This Malkavian and resident of Austin appears to be very close to O'Shea, perhaps they are in a Coterie.
  • Finn O'Reilly - Another known associate of J.D. Drake.
  • J.D. Drake - Seamus often refers to this Toreador as his "brother" but it isn't clear if they had the same Sire or it is a term of affection.
  • Zack Snyder - Known Brujah companion of his de'Medici relative Chloe. He has been an associate of O'Shea's frequently in business/union dealings.
  • John Ketwick - Harpy for the Domain of Waterloo, and Elder providing Patronage. Debts of Prestation are also held by him.
  • Jean-Pierre Durand - Elder Prince of Waterloo and thus Mr. O'Shea's Liege Lord.
  • Einhardt Wagner - Harpy within the Domain of Houston to whom a debt of Prestation is owed.
  • Tamberland - Brujah Sheriff under Prince Durand. O'Shea and Tamberland appear to have a good working relationship.
  • Angelo Giovanni - Don of the Giovanni in the Domain of Waterloo.
  • Cornelius Stuyvesant, PHD - Malkavian who has gone up and down the political ladder several times and whom appears to have a good working relationship with O'Shea.
  • Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes - Somewhat recently arrived from California, this Toreador businessman has risen rapidly in the local social order.
  • Chloe Pavlis - Adopted de'Medici, raised by Rinadlo De Medici, and thus treated as family.


OOC Information

De Medici.jpg
  • 01) I never mix In-Character (IC) and Out-of-Character (OOC) information, feelings, or goals.
  • 02) I role play in the immersion style (method acting). This means I do my best to become the character, not puppeteer it around.
  • 03) Since Seamus is in the driver's seat and not me, it is pointless to ask me to "write" a story with you. I don't approach the game that way.
  • 04) My view is the story writes itself (and does a better job than we ever could) out of our actions and interactions. It doesn't need OOC help.
  • 05) The best way to interact with me during a game is to remain in character.
  • 06) The best way to interact with me outside of a game is just be casual, friendly and shoot the breeze. I'm an easy going guy.
  • 07) Please try not to confuse me, my goals, or feelings with those of my character. I will give you the same courtesy.
  • 08) Tensions can run high at a game due to the World of Darkness being dangerous, predatory, and harsh. Just remember it is nothing personal.
  • 09) I don't cheat. I expect the same of you. Adults should be able to resolve most scenes with or without a Storyteller. We all know the rules.
  • 10) Never forget it is about the journey, not the destination. However our characters end up, they will be magnificent on the way there.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: [1]
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenan

Player: John Felger

MES Number: US2012090043