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Kenzi Novak

Name: Kenzi Novak [RETIRED]

Clan: Nosferatu

Social Class: Ancilla

Court Position: None

City of Residence: Miami, FL

Child of Martin Kaufman

Member of the Maelstrom Brood

"There is nothing new under the Sun." -Ecclesiastes 1:9

Everyone Knows


Kenzi takes the term "Obfuscate junkie" to a whole new level: she is simply never seen without a mask. Though in the company of Kindred, she tends to favor the same one--a 20-something woman of vaguely Jewish descent with polished black hair--but around humans all bets are off. She seems to constantly be changing her name for mortals, everything from Margueritte Tomas to Snooki to Amanda Bines. She is known to favor moto-jackets, heeled booties and modern jewelry. Her other predilections are anyone's (frequent) guess.


Smug. Constantly Tweeting. Strangely competent and useful, but a back-talker. Has been accused of being a hipster.

She can be followed on her IC Twitter account, handle "koscheibytes."


Almost nothing is known of young Kenzi Novak aside from her Embrace six (almost seven) years ago by Martin. She was released in the city of her residence, Miami, and Acknowledged by Prince Matthias. She seems to have a two-fold reputation of both impertinence and steadfast loyalty.

Served as Harpy of Miami from April 2014 to January 2015 under Prince Alaric of Gangrel. She is the youngest Harpy to ever hold the position in the city.


Childe of esteemed Nosferatu elder and Primogen, Martin Kaufman. Brood-niece of Nosferatu elders, Tristan and Samir.

Close with her brood-cousin, Thea Mallory.

Cassin Von Steinbrechner, a new but extremely competent Nosferatu of Miami.

Formerly Nathaniel Beauregard of Brujah, RIP. Did they have a thing?

Walter_Thorne of Malkavian is her boo.


Kenzi Novak is an Anarch sent to gauge the strength of the Tower in South Florida.

She is thought to own the popular Wynwood transhumanist club, Neolution.

Made Walter Thorne her Talon so that she could keep tabs on him, as opposed to any skill he may have at the job.

Write em, bitches.


"Have you ever had someone standing behind you the entire time you were talking about them, but you never realized it? Yeah, Kenzi basically does that for a living. That's why I never talk about her. Wait, she's behind me right now, isn't she? Damn." - Walter Thorne

"Kenzi? She's as tough as a two-dollar steak and snarkier than any sword." -Tristan, Miami, FL

"A person who is too nice an observer of the business of the crowd, like one who is too curious in observing the labor of bees, will often be stung for her curiosity" - Pierrot le Fou

"I never have to look for my own trouble when Kenzi's about; she delivers it gift wrapped on gilded tongue. I'd steal her sexy-ass away for some comeuppance if it weren't for the hoary bastards with whom she keeps company. - Johnny Rocket

Mad tunes

"Somebody Hates You" by Snake River Conspiracy
"None of Dem" by Robyn
"Viol" by Gesaffelstein
"Do You Party (UM Remix)" by Afrobeta

Ooc info

Player: Lacey C.

Domain: FL-040-D