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The Gargoyle Kephas is largely an unknown to members of the Camarilla. What is known is that the Tremere Chantries were once protected by stone monsters. Kephas was one of those monsters. In the late 15th century kindred of the Nosferatu, Gangrel, and Tzimisce clans were being abducted and through strange magics transformed into Gargoyles. None of them remember who or what they were prior to their making.

In 1500 a group of Gargoyles assaulted a Tremere Chantry and freed the kin enslaved inside. One of them had eyes like Malachite and had been called such by his slavers for years. Upon seizing his freedom Malachite abandoned the name given to him by his Maker and assumed the name Kephas. Kephas retreated from the public for quite some time and is rumored to have spent significant time with his newly discovered kin.

After a period of education, Kephas began exploring the world. He has been tolerated in Camarilla Courts across the world. Those who pay attention to such things, have often noted his fascination with mortal faiths and the physical expressions of such. Like many of his Kin, Kephas has been spotted fighting the Infernal whenever called upon.


1455: Created.

1500: Freed by a clutch of Gargoyles including Atrohop, Darjius Anakletos, Stoneking and Thanatos. Delivered to Gemma Alston for education and deprogramming.

1600: Leaves the Homeland.

1650 to 1775: Liberally harassed the East Indian Trading Company ships for carrying slaves with Darjius Anakletos & Eris.

1775: Assisted Darjius Anakletos in locating and claiming some of the Spanish Missions near San Antonio.

1800: Returns Home.

1830: Spends a decade training Waite.

1850: Leaves Home for New York.

1855: Met and ran with Finn MacDara in Manhattan until he leaves for Europe in 1876.

1867: Reconnects with Atrohop who had just wakened from slumber. Joins his clutch and wages war against the Infernal and its agents.

1899: Back in San Antonio Kephas meets Antoine Price they have several meaningful conversations and debates about Faith and Morality until in 1918 it is revealed that Antoine is Tremere. Kephas ends the conversation and the next day leaves the domain.

1900: Returns Home.

1945: Contacted by and worked with Marten Ratheburne to assist him with an assault on a Tremere.

1950: Leaves Home for France.

1980: Claims personal territory atop Notre Dame Cathedral.

1982: Meets a young overly friendly Nosferatu named Claire atop the roof of Notre Dame.

1990: While in Paris witnesses Kasserine Powell interact with the mortal priests at Notre Dame. Follows her into the Catacombs and meets Father Francis de Marca.

2000: Returns to Home.

2015: Rescues kindred at the Cathedral in Tunis.


  • "Add your quotes here." - You
  • "Why is it so strange we find often find peace by going through our opposite?" - Antoine Price
  • "You ask what my name means.. it is the Greek of Cephas. It means 'Rock'. Simon was called it by Jesus, for he was the Rock upon which the Church was built."
  • "You can choose what you become, whether it be a monster, a barbarian, or a scholar. We are now free creatures. The choice is yours." -Gemma Alston to Kephas
  • "My human friend showed me a film about singing gargoyles and a hunchback on top of Notre Dame...I'm giving Kephas the benefit of the doubt that he had nothing to do with that." - Thanatos


  • Kephas' wings were broken by the Tremere. He can not fly.
  • Kephas views Sect Loyalty.. be it Anarch, Sabbat, or Camarilla.. as another form of Slavery.
  • Kephas has worked with the Sabbat.
  • Kephas has worked with the Anarchs.
  • Kephas has worked with the Camarilla.
  • Kephas has a fascination with Faith and its expression.
  • Kephas has difficulty understanding emotions.





Character Information
Clan: Gargoyle
Sect: Independent
City: Boston, MA
Player: Chris R
Storyteller: Steve L

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