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A recent Photo

Name: Bishop Kita Akane - 茜
Clan: Ishtarri Toreador
Faction: Ultra Conservative
Path: Knight - Path of Honorable Accord

Political Standing:
Bishop of War - Diocese of St. Louis
Lieutenant of Leadership Pack (Archbishop's Pack)

  • Accepted as True Sabbat
  • Blessed as Bishop (Abiding)
  • Enforcer as Bishop (Abiding)
  • Ordained (Fleeting) upon receiving a Bloodbath when inducted as Bishop
  • Battle-Scarred (Fleeting) given by Ductus Ramone Hernandez
  • Loyal (Fleeting) given by ArchBishop Tommy Swift of Puerto Rico

Notable traits

Japanese Woman of slight lithe build
Eyes contain a red iris
Smell of Cherry Blossoms fill the air in her presence

Publicly Known Information

  • Akane is trained and highly skilled in the art of Ninjutsu.
  • Akane is soft spoken.
  • Akane's first official act as Bishop of War required her to apprehend and ultimately order the final death of her own packmate, The Harbringer of Skulls Barry Baue for massive violations of the Code of Milan and Silence of the Blood which endangered the entire city. Showing no favoritism she did so without hesitation, but the sorrow on her face was apparent.


  • Akane was sold into child slavery to a geisha house at a very young age.
  • Akane lets her sword do the talking for her, for it speaks louder than raising her voice ever would.
  • Akane has trouble releasing true emotion publicly.

Friends, Allies, Those Closest To Her

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  • "I remain ever vigilant and loyal to the Sword of Caine."
  • "Do you wish to continue this? Or is a monomacy needed here..."
  • "If you have something to say to me, out with it."
  •  ::draws sword...says nothing::

OOC Info

Player: User:Erin D. US2013070018 - Erin DeMoulin-Stratton
MES#: US2013070018

Game: Saint Louis by Night: Railroad of Blood