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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Metis
Pack: Insignificant
Sept: Sept of the Turtle Creek
Rank: Cliath
Glory: ••••
Honor: •••
Player: Jon Langley
Storyteller: Tony Taboas
Kleeve, Warlord of Southern Indiana, Sept of Turtle Creek

Character Information

Name: Kleeve

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Title or Position:Former Warlord of Southern Indiana

Pack: Insignificant (Totem: Black Unicorn)


  • Honor: Commendable, Dutiful, Honorable
  • Glory: Brash, Brave, Feared, Fearless
  • Wisdom: Respected

Notable Traits: Mark of the Predator

About Kleeve

Kleeve is known to stay very local to the Sept of Turtle Creek. He's a new arrival to the area, but has quickly climbed to the role of Warlord for the sept.

Kleeve is dead.


  • Don't tread on what he considers his turf: he doesn't take it well.

Quotes by Kleeve:

  • "You're bringing a knife; I'm bringing a hand grenade."

Quotes about Kleeve:

OOC Information

Player: Jon Langley

MES Number: US2010035534

Location: Bloomington, IN

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