Knights of Oblivion

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The Knights of Oblivion

Information Known to the Sword of Caine

Primarily formed of Harbingers of Skulls, the Knights of Oblivion are a pack dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the destruction of mystical threats.


Many, perhaps all, of their members are on the Path of Death and the Soul. This has caused the pack to take a macabre and sadistic view of their purpose within the Sabbat. With the recent addition of Sebastion Delacroix, Bishop of Doctrine to the Pack, the diversity of philosophy has sprung up. Both sides seek to teach the other to better understand and promote the spiritual wellness of the pack.


  • Destroy any necromancers and/or thaumaturges who are not loyal to the Sabbat
  • Find and take over the Tremere Chantry


The Pine Creek neighborhood of Colorado Springs, around the intersection of Chapel Hills Drive and Briargate Parkway.


Johan, Ductus
Luther, Priest
Dante, Abbot
Dr. Morty
Sebastion Delacroix

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