Konrad Hurr

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Sabbat PC

Player: Justin G.
Character: Konrad Hurr
Clan: Lasombra
Character Blog: Here
Domain: Chicago
VST: T. Pertzborn

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Character Information

Name: Konrad Hurr

Nicknames/Aliases: Konrad, Scar, Hey You

Clan: Lasombra

Pack: Darkest Before Dawn

Title or Position:

Abiding Status: Initiated, Loyalist

Fleeting Status: Battle-Scarred, Battle-Scarred, Triumphant



Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Konrad has off-putting purple eyes.
  • Shadows tend to cling to him and move of their own accord under his clothing.
  • Around him always feels cold and tends to make others have goosebumps.
  • He smells strongly of sulfur and sometimes when reaching into a pocket some will fall out.
  • Both of his arms are tattooed.

Known Associates



  • Konrad was apparently pack priest for a coupe of weeks. - Anonymous
  • Konrad has extremely close ties with the abyss, the source of Lasombra's control over shadow. -Anonymous
  • Konrad has numerous pet bunnies that roam freely around his haven. - Anonymous
  • Konrad openly hates books because he is illiterate. - Anonymous


  • "Quit eye-ballin me, damn!" - Konrad

Character Inspiration

  • Ricky from Trailer Park Boys
  • Filip 'Chibs' Telford from Sons of Anarchy

Additional Information

OOC Information

Player Name Justin G. US2013040129

MES Number US2013040129

Location: Chicago, IL Sabbat

Character Blog: http://roadhousethoughts.blogspot.com/