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Requiem PC

Player: Octavian Dum US2013020020 bio
Character: Kord Greenberg
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: Hierophant of Portland, Eugene and Oregon City, Seneschal of Portland, Regent of Oregon City
Status: Portland 4, Daeva 3 / Circle of the Crone 5
Domain: OR-036-D (Theater of Roses)
VST: Jake Whisman

Character Information

Name: Kord Greenberg

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Status: Portland 4 / Daeva 3 / Circle of the Crone 3

Notable Traits: Very knowledgeable about everything, knows a lot about the Occult, accomplished exorcist, usually carries tarot cards with him, owns a tattoo shop in Beaverton. Known research topics: spirits, ghosts, ley lines, Sumerian deities, Changelings.

Title or Position: NW Rex Nemorensis, Hierophant of Portland, Eugene and Oregon City, Mother, Regent of Oregon City


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  • The wisdom of the ages flows through Kord's fingertips when he uses his seer powers to read your fortune using tarot cards.
  • Kord is an accomplished exorcist.
  • He has many ties to the ghostly and spirit realms.
  • Kord single-handedly got rid of a demon that tried to possess a mortal host in the Riverside Cemetery.
  • When Athena St. James left behind a crumbling building, Kord was able to exorcise the ghosts that still remained in her haven.
  • Kord is a master of Cruac, and knows many rare rituals.


"Kord and I share similar views on many things; I look forward to the time I shall spend with him." - Vorzheva
"Never before has someone provoked me to accidental nepotism. Discovering Heirophant Greenburg to be Blood was one of those pleasant surprises that nonetheless exasperates an otherwise beautifully non-tyrannical Court." - Gwyneth Loreth
"Your Quote Here" - You

Known Associates:


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1943: Born in New York, NY, awesome skills as a drawing artist, hung around tattoo shops
1970: Embraced.
1975: Relocated to Portland, OR
1979: Opened up tattoo shop called "Living Ink Tattoo", motto "If your tattoos are not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to me"

  • Started researching everything related to ghosts and spirits.
  • Became Hierophant for Portland, OR.
  • Made contacts with a local Changeling, after a strange invite was received.
  • Became Seneschal for Portland

2014: Became NW Rex Nemorensis