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"He is the watcher in the shadows"

Character Information

Name: Kronus aka Tic-Tock Man

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Telluric

Court: Winter (status: 3)

Freehold: Charleston, SC (status: 3)

Notable traits: Winter Mantle 3 (a feeling of inhuman cold flows from him), Gentrified Bearing, Striking looks 4

Appearance: True self: Kronus is a gold golem with gears replacing all of his internal workings. His face however, while a golden hue, is that of a beautiful man.

Mask: His mask distorts his golden, metal, frame into a black dress shirts and slacks. His face keeps only a hint of its golden tend betraying him as almost too beautiful to actually be human.

Title or Position: None.

Rumors Please add away!!!

Shop logo.jpg

Further Reading: Kronos seems to always be lurking in the shadows. Though he does also seem to know quite a lot.

During his time in Arcadia, Kronus served the Architect as a grand clock at the top of a watch tower. In his mind he did this for almost 200 years.

When ever the Brute came to call upon the Architects creations Kronus was always near the top of his list of items to destroy, torment, and torture. In this he was constantly in need of repairs, which were done by Declan

On one of the Brutes visit he decided it would be fun to take Kronus from the Architect. This would allow him to torture him more fully. Kronos was with the Brute for 5 years before being rescued by.....The Sparrow

Kronus owns and can usually be found in a watch and clock repair shop called "Tic-Tock's Repair Shop".

Inside shop.jpg

Out of Character Information

Player: Andrew T. Hermann

VST: Liz Namiotko

MES Number: US2005022960

Location: Raleigh, Nc

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