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Wiki page for the bar owned by the MES Requiem PC, "Orlando "Beach" Lido, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere"
-- This location is attached to the Columbus GA Requiem VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem".


Sundown, on the river in Uptown Columbus

SUNDOWN is a popular roadside bar in Uptown Columbus - a two story tiki-themed paradise serving cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere. A bamboo bar with grass awning runs the length of the first floor while patron seating dots the tiered pier styled floor that extends through double-wide garage doors over a half acre silt pond. VIP lounges and private rooms upstairs provide a more solemn entertaining venue. Patrons are encouraged to get loose and be unrestrained, but anyone caught trashing the pond is made to wade out and clean up else they land on the banned list.

The property is owned by Orlando 'Beach' Lido, and is a known hangout spot for the ghouled and vampiric residents of Columbus GA. Once a month, on the third Saturday, the second floor of Sundown is closed to the public and the local Seneschal gathers the Court to transact business. Sundown is not an Elysium, but proper manners are expected and the Master of Elysium is allowed to arbitrate disputes and enforce good behavior on the property.

Employees include:
Philippe DuBoise, bartender