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OOC Info Camarilla/Anarch Sabbat Apocalypse Requiem Accord NWoD Crossvenue



LVBNdot.pngVenue ST: Jon Grimmer
LVBNdot.pngST Lead: Josh C.
LVBNdot.pngST Second: Lesley Packel


LVBNdot.pngTimes: Thursday Evening
LVBNdot.pngOfficial Schedule: Masquerade By Night


Our spies inside the Camarilla and Independent Alliance have given us a target: Las Vegas. Reports indicate dignitaries from both sects will meet on the 24th of September to discuss a treaty against our growing aggression. The Regent has blessed direct action against these fools.

I call upon all loyal Sabbat who can travel to meet at the Palms Hotel at sun down.

We will carry out our duty.

We will deliver the final death to our enemies.

Blood will be met with blood.

Prepare yourselves.

Seraph of North America

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