La Calavera

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Awakening PC

Player: Roo Wetzel
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium ••
Legacy: Singers in Silence
Position: None
Consilium: TBD
City: Santa Rosa, California, USA
Cabal: TBD
VST: Jay Durant

La Calavera

Shadow Name: La Calavera

Sleeper Alias: Caty Latham

Quote: "Don't be ridiculous. We know what happens to people after they die, in a general sense. We just don't know what happened to this gentleman in particular. Yet."


1976 - Born in Hartford, CT to a wealthy banking family

1994 - Graduates private high school

1998 - Undergrad degree in biology; minor in economics (Yale)

2000 - MBA at the behest of her family (Originally on a medical track, then caved to their collective will) Goes to work for family bank as a relatively minor executive. (Columbia)

2002 - Awakens; takes leave of absence from work

2005 - Life falls apart Feds investigate allegations of embezzlement. Family took advantage of Catriona’s leave of absence to start leaving a trail of evidence connecting her to the misdeeds. Mother commits suicide in the wake of the claims Father and brothers pack up and move to a Caribbean island with questionable extradition. Catriona and her lawyers are able to prove reasonable doubt to a jury, but her reputation is destroyed.

2006 - Hooks up with mentor in Singers in Silence legacy, starting a long and uncomfortable road.

2006 - 2014 Travel

2014 - Moves to Sonoma county

2015 - Moves to Fort Worth, TX, through no fault of her own and starts shacking up with Saul.

Character Description

Physical Style: Caty is tall, slender, and usually dressed in gray or navy. She has quipped that she could be mistaken for a mislaid corpse and it's not an inaccurate description; her eyes are sunken, her skin is an alarming shade of grey. To all reasonable appearances, she looks like a woman close to death.

Social Style: Quietly competent describes Caty. She goes about her life with a sad streak, though those who know her best have an inkling to a wicked sense of humor she shares with few.


Some say that fate is an ever-turning wheel, and in the presence of Caty’s nimbus, it’s easy enough to imagine that it is an eternally grinding millstone and our bones are but meal to be ground away.

Looking For

I’m looking for a lot since 2002:

1. Mysterium connections of all kinds. (2002-Present)

2. Folks who have mysterious dead bodies and need them identified… or disappeared. Have a ghost problem? Loved one died? Caty may have prepared the body. (2006-Present)

3. Sites of natural disasters and war; Caty volunteers to handle mass graves and body identification. (2006-Present)

4. University buddies, roommates, classmates, etc. (Yale, 1994-1998) (Columbia 1998-2000)

5. Friends, loved ones, lovers, exes. (1994 - Present)

6. Enemies, rivals, really bad one-night stands (1994 - Present) (Caty worked as a minor executive for her family’s bank from 2000-2005; there was a lot of reason to dislike her at the time)

7. Bodyguards for short stints (2006-2013, all over the world)



"Ahh yes. Caty...'members 'er mighty well. Met 'er de week I first step foot from de de temple to see the entirety of the world. Brothers ordered tah leave, break vow of silence n'all and way to 'stand de world is be in it every so often. So I met 'er on de streets of Kashipur I think. She was being perused by...well...lets say bad things. Got 'er safe, healed 'er and all. Next thing ya know, we be traipsin' all 'bout Asia. Tombs here, ruins there...nay dull moment. She be oddsome lil' duck but much love for 'er. Mostest n'finest times had in travelin'. One day, she say "I have to go"...and had to let 'er...wonderin' where she be now. - Bodhi Vajra-Kai

"I owe Caty a lot. I really do. It was her teaching and guidance that helped me hold onto my sanity. Helped me work through a really rough experience. I'd be lost, if it hadn't been for her help. I'd definitely call her a friend." - Fiona

"I'm a creature that is almost entirely comprised of questions that do not yet have answers." - Caty about herself

"She is insane. I couldn't be more happy that she is insane. It is to my benefit." - Saul

"There was quite the Gordian Knot developing around her, and the District was veritably shouting at me about it...nothing unusual when you get down to it, the District is almost always shouting about something, except when it's tired...where was I? Ah yes, Caty. She didn't, at the time, appreciate my very calm and flippant demeanor, no, not at all. Her life was taking a strange twist or twelve, and she was in some trouble. Naturally I extracted her but I did it with magic, and then I tried to help her by forecasting her immediate future with my runestones. *Sigh* She coined the phrase 'magic fucking jellybeans' right about the time she made a quite rude gesture and more vulgar vernacular and stepped right out of the eye of the storm that I'd so kindly created for her...back into the metaphorical gale-force winds. Poor thing. What were we discussing again? Oh, right, Caty. Quite a delightful young woman, all in all." - Vigil

"She is the kind of Acanthus I can get along with. Somewhat down to earth and not always going where Fate takes her." - Pluto

"Hmm, Clever, kind, and sly sense a humor. Ah lahk her so much Ah could almost forget that she went ta that other school." - Hypatia

"Saying we didn't hit it off at first would be an understatement, but I hope we have moved past that. I mean I put the artifact back, right?" - Percival

"Caty has the biggest heart of anyone that I've ever met. She takes in strays, teaches them, cares for them, and makes them part of her family. Anyone who has her in their life is doubly blessed because of it." - Snips

"I wouldn't be the mage I am today without Caty. I also wouldnt have had the courage to find my happiness without her." - Lana Volkov