La Dame en Blanc

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Lost PC


Player: Adélaïde Parent-Ruest
Character: La Dame en Blanc
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Winter
Motley: none
Freehold: Artificial Paradise

Character Description

La Dame en Blanc

Name: Sandrine Belisle

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Bright One

Court: Winter Court (Mantle 3)

Title: Icebound Duchess

Appareance: La Dame en Blanc is thin and even frail, always wearing only white. La Dame est mince et même frèle, toujours toute vêtue de blanc.

Public Knowledge

  • Ex-Mascot of/Ancienne Mascot du The Frosted Eden
  • Ex-top modal/ Ex-top Modèle.
  • Can be seen in many adds/Est visible dans plusieurs publicités.


  • 1961: Birth/Naissance
  • 1979: Taken to Arcadia/Emmené en Arcadie
  • 1985: Escaped from Arcadia/S'échappe d'Arcadie
  • 2003: Arrival in Longueuil/Arrive à Longueil
  • 2013: Formed/Fonde B.A., a motley in Longueuil/un moltey de Longueuil
  • 2014: Mary Elvis after Ralph death/Se marie avec Elvis après la mort de Ralph
  • 2015: Move to Montréal after Elvis deathVa à Montréal après la mort d'Elvisbr>



  • Elvis was her 3rd husbands.
  • All her husbands died.
  • Elvis was not a man.
  • Feel free to add!

What peoples thinks

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'She's a cold woman alright. But she has good reasons, and that reason will die at my hands.' - Joseph Quatermain, referring to the stalker who plagues La Dame's life.


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