Lady Hillary Deveroux

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Sire: Unknown
Lady Hillary Deveroux
Childer: None Currently
Grande Childer: None Currently
Great Grande Childer: None Currently

Invictus: 2
Nosferatu: 2

  • 1878 Born in Georgia
  • 1883 Her mother burns down the family home
  • 1884 Goes to live with Paternal grandparents in Toronto
  • 1894 Married
  • 1896 Sent to a Sanitarium in Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1897 Embraced by_________
  • 1907Released, Joins the Invictus



Come later



Sympathy for the Devil
The Rolling Stones
21 Guns
Green Day

Lady Hillary Deveroux

Lady Hillary Deveroux.

Scars of the Past

Hillary Deveroux, born to a Union soldier and his young wife, found early on that Kindred can ruin lives of all they are involved with. Not yet five years of age when her mother(ordered to sever all ties by her Ventrue lover)set fire to the family home, killing all inside save for the little girl. She was left with horrid scars that wrapped around her torso and shoulders, discolored from the silk of her night gown burning into her flesh and the painful infections that followed after.

She went to live with her paternal grandparents in Canada soon after she had healed and her maternal aunts could no longer care for an ailing child when they all had several of their own.

At sixteen, she was married to a banker almost twice her age. On her wedding night Hillary's husband rejected her, repulsed by her withered flesh. A year later he checked her into a hospital for the insane, feeling he was lead on by a pretty face with a failed body.

Life in the hospital wasn't pleasant. Insanity beget insanity, and the hospitals at the time were a far cry from the tidy state ran facilities of the modern era. Within a year, she was embraced.

The Devil You Know

♠ Being burned as a child left such an effect on Hillary that after embrace she began to give off the smell of burning flesh and wood.
♠ She is a staunch member of the Invictus, holding herself tightly to her covenant.
♠ She is deceptively strong.
♠ Although she lives in Georgia, her ties in Canada are overwhelmingly vast.

Little Black Book

Mickey Valentine: The two met in the 1960's when she happened upon his church. He gave her much needed perspective and friendship that she found to be invaluable.
Olof Skarsgård: Hillary met him while she was working with House Starke. The two became close, but over the years have wandered apart. She keeps in contact and tries to visit whenever she ends up in Ontario.
Constantine Umbra: He was the childe of a close friend and former lover who met final death. His sire told him to seek Hillary out so that she could help him continue his training and learn to perfect the art of the danse macabre. She has developed a slight motherly fondness for him.
Gregor Starke:The Lord Patriarch of House Starke. Despite being a Daeva, he is like a surrogate Sire to Hillary.
Bloody Brother John: Hillary met Brother John when she was in DC to work on some document forgery for smuggling Chinese immigrants into the country around 1970. The cause became near to her heart and now she helps him when needed.
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The Mill

♣ Hillary killed her ex husband's entire family and arranged them to look like "The Last Supper" to mock his hypocritical religious leanings.
♣ She is looking for the Ventrue who made her mother a thrall so that she can drag him into the sewers and exact revenge.
♣ Her relationship with Mickey Valentine is a lot closer than she will publicly admit.
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More often than not, sweetheart, the person you trust more than any other will bring you down. You can not trust a single person in this world, not me, not your sire, not even yourself.
-Hillary to a young Kindred that she was "baby sitting" for his Sire

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Lady Hillary Deveroux

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Invictus
Domain: Columbus GA VSS
Player: Melenie Bishop US2012080033
VST: [mailto:Not Available]

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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, Lady Hillary Deveroux

-- played by Melenie Bishop (US2012080033),
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"