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Lafayette, LA's Camarilla/Anarch Masquerade Venue.
Domain Name: Something Something Explosions
Domain Number: Category:LA-010-D
Lead Venue Storyteller: [1] Dominique Ducote
Games Hosted On: Normally First Saturday of the Month
Next Game: Game 2, April 16th, 2016


Baron: Daven Storm, Malkavian, Female, Caucasian
Constable: Gabi Forst, Nosferatu, Female, Caucasian
Architect: ??????
Ambassador: ??????


Recently, Lafayette had been described as the "New Austin". It is not by happenstance that this small southern city has seen a rapid transformation and development into a burgeoning economic power. For many years, this city situated between Houston, baton Rouge, and New Orleans was an after-thought. It was a booming and busted oil town with a small college, not a seat of true power. For the Camarilla, it was not worth much consideration. Its only thoughts regarding teh area was to keep the Sabbat from using it as a position to strike the other 3 cities. It was easy enough to let the Anarchs move in and do that work for the ivory Tower. What the elders did not account for was the transformation of Lafayette since the 80s. They did not bother to consider that the Baron of Lafayette could turn the city into a desireable power, and now the city is a full fledged Anarch seat of power.

The Baron of Lafayette has seen her city grow against wild odds. Lafayette is an economic oasis. The surrounding area still leaves a lot left to be desired. Werewolves and the Sword of Caine scurry about the countryside. Who knows how long until Elders in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Houston would begin to interfere in the Baron's affairs, or even try to unseat her from power.

The Baron has become increasingly paranoid about the growing target on her back. She's sought to further unify and militarize the Anarchs of Lafayette so that if a war erupts against either the Sabbat or Camarilla her seat of power can survive.

Timeline of Lafayette

1770 (circa) First European setters in Lafayette Parish: Andrew Martin (Acadian exile), Jean & Marin Mouton settle on Bayou Carencro. First Kindred settlers follow (Sabbat)

1824 Vermillionville (Lafayette) incorporated

1861 Louisiana secedes, Civil War begins. Southern Camarilla fight for their continued right to own human slaves. Sabbat and Anarchs use newly embraced slaves to fight Camarilla plantation owners. The Baron, Daven Storm, first appears.

1865 Civil War ends. Camarilla of The South dealt a massive blow. Daven Storm leads efforts of Reconstruction in the city. Sabbat and Camarilla both back white supremecist efforts to derail reconstruction, though they do not work in conjunction with each other.

1884 Vermilionville becomes Lafayette

1897 Bond election for water & electricty creates Lafayette Utility System. The Baron of Lafayette, Daven Storm, uses influence to try and modernize Lafayette as quickly as possible.

1954 Brown v Board of Education; 3 months after ruling, USL becomes 1st college in the country to comply, first historically white school in South to significantly & permanently desegregate. Disdain of Southern Camarilla noted. Daven Storm uses decision to convince black Kindred to support her Anarch City and not join Sabbat.

1957 The State Board of Education to approve Master of Science degrees at USL in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, paving the way for elevation to university status; Computer Science program is one of the first in the nation.

1984 Oil Bust begins. Camarilla Ventrue abandon Lafayette as a lost cause.

1996 Lafayette Consolidated Government created from merger of city and parish governments. Daven Storm's interests in LUS grow as it is the sole utilities provider in the parish

1997 River Ranch TND created. River Ranch started as a Camarilla venture. Political maneuverings by Daven Storm force it into being a joint Anarch-Camarilla venture. Storm claims de facto and de jurie praxis of city as Camarilla interests in River Ranch accept Daven's rule of city. As Baron of Lafayette, Storm guarantees to safeguard the River Ranch venture.

1999 USL becomes The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

2002: Voters in Lafayette Parish approve construction of 4 new Regional Libraries and renovate the Main Library. An obsessive compulsive Malkavian spearheads this drive in development.

2005 Hurricanes Katrina & Rita hit Louisiana. Sabbat and Werewolves find renewed strength in carnage to attack Baron Storm and her interests

2005 LUS Fiber to the Home (FTTH) bond issue passes. Baron Storm continues to cement control of city and parish through its public utilities.

2011 Camarilla agents attempt to push a vote to deconsolidate city-parish government. The vote fails and Baron Storm's power over the entire parish is maintained.

Venue Style Sheet

Overall Game Emphasis

Physical: 3
Social: 3
Mental: 4


Tension, Paranoia, Authoritarian


The needs of the many vs The needs of the Few, Corruption and Power, ID vs Super-Ego, Unite or Die

Character Creation

PCs whose character history consists entirely of living in LA-010D enter play as either Anarch, Sabbat (Top Approval), or Former Sabbat (High Approval).

Tzimisce of any type will not be committed members of the Anarchs of Lafayette. The other common forms of the 12 clans are welcome at their usual approvals. Samedi and Daughters of Cacophony are also viable clans for players. Any committed members of the Anarchs from a clan bloodline would enter play under a lesser ban as former members of the Camarilla. Carpathian Tzimisce could play in Lafayette as an Abiding member of the Camarilla.

Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges): 5
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 6
Darkness (PC corruption): 5
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 5
Intrigue(Politics and negotiation): 5
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 6
PC Death (How likely PCs will die against NPCs): 4
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): 4

Ratings Description:
1-2 Never present
3-4 Sometimes present
5-6 Often present
7-8 Usually present
9-10 Always present

Storytelling Mechanics

1)Players with unhealed Aggravated Damage after game may spend Downtimes to heal point of Aggravated damage on a 1:1 basis. Any aggravated Damage not healed with Downtimes carries over to next game.

2)Players may spend a 1 Downtime to acquire a new items/equipment. Players have a number of purchasing points equal to their resource rating. Items/equipment have a resource cost equal the the number of qualities the item has times 3/5 if the item is antique/artisan/masterwork. Players may purchase as many items as they can with the resource dots they have.

3) Any increases in generation after characters enter play must be accompanied by an act of diablerie.

4) When you purchase points in Allies, list 3 skills that a stock NPC ally would have

5)The deadline for submitting downtimes actions is 1 week before game. Downtimes will be responded to during the week leading up to game. After every game you get a fresh set of downtime actions. Downtimes do not transfer from game to game. Any downtimes you do not use are lost.

Proxy Rules

The term ‘proxy’ refers to sending your character sheet to a Storyteller (other than your direct Storyteller) to portray a character without your physical presence, for instance as part of a downtime outside of your own game. At least 72 hours’ notice must be given to the Storyteller handling the proxy scene, unless the Storyteller makes a specific exception. In order to proxy a character, the player must provide their character sheet and a brief written description of the character’s intentions, motivations, personality, and reactions to some possible situations. These instructions should be as thorough as possible to ensure that the character is handled appropriately. By giving a character over for proxy play, the player grants the Storyteller all rights to the character for the duration of the proxy scene.The ST has the right to deny any proxy at any time to maintain the game’s balance. Incomplete proxies may result in a denial even if the time constraint is met.

Proxy Kills are highly discouraged, as are kills during downtime. ALL PC deaths must be supervised by the appropriate storytellers. Any player wishing to proxy into Lafayette must follow the appropriate procedures as per the Addendum for taking such actions, including notifying the appropriate storytellers to oversee the scene.

Hard Proxy:
It can be very confusing to players when Proxied characters are “at game” but there is no one there to portray them. Therefore, if the character has no one to play them they cannot interact with the game site. Players hard proxying must find another player to portray their PCs during proxy.

Soft Proxy:
soft proxies are allowed. All proxies must include all information contained within the proxy guidelines of this VSS. Soft Proxies do not have to have anyone represent their PC. Soft Proxied PCs will be assumed to be attending Elysium and will not leave Elysium. Soft Proxy is highly suggested for accomplishing downtimes submitted to the venue.

Travel Risks

Travel Risks Lafayette can be accessed via I10 (From Houston, Lake Charles, or Baton Rouge) or I49/Highway 90 (From Alexandria, New Iberia, or Houma). Visitors from New Orleans can take either Highway 90/I49 or I10. Unless your character has intimate knowledge of the local highways and backroads these are the only routes into the city. Travel time from these cities is anywhere from 2-3 hours.

Most Nights in game will begin around 9PM to allow visitors from those cities to make it in game at the opening of Elysiums. Visitors from further out may need to plan on methods of day travel, or spend multiple nights traveling to arrive in Lafayette at a reasonable hour.

Experience Award Guidelines

Experience Award Guidelines 5 XP per game 4 XP for downtimes 2 floating xp will be awarded for exceptional RP. Players will vote on two players who performed exceptionally at game. Top 2 vote-getters will each receive 1 additional xp


Feeding and Starting Blood follow the rules as outlined in BNS: VtM pg 294-295


Influence actions are due 1 week before game and follow the same protocol as Downtime actions. Please submit them in the following order:
-Defend Actions
-Attack Actions
-Boost Actions
-Block Actions
-General Actions
-Indirect Actions

Any indirect actions that cause a PC to lose a downtime will cause that PC to lose a downtime for the next game after the upcoming game. Players will be notified if they wish to change influence actions if attack/block actions affect their available actions. The Master of puppets merit will give a PC 4 free influence actions to mimic the weekly refresh.