Lake Charles Accord Case Files

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Case files for the Accord Cell of Lake Charles, La

Open Cases

An Group of Individuals

  • It has been made apparent that there is a group of individuals fighting against the accord
  • One has been killed while another has been detained

The Neighborhood Watch

  • Two members of the cell have been killed by them
  • The entire town of Dequincy seems to be involved

The New Drug

  • There is a new drug on the market in Lake Charles

The Dossiers

  • Dossiers on each of the cell members were discovered.
  • Whoever wrote them had detailed knowledge of various supernatural abilities, and knowledge of Gehenna


  • There is a group that call themselves VII, in Lake Charles.
  • Some of them were Assamites
  • They claim they serve a being named Shaddad.
  • They are vampires, who hunt vampires.
  • It does not appear they are servants of the truth.
  • They cannot speak of anything that would betray the VII
  • Cannot be mind read.

The Pure

  • The are rumors of a Pure tribe, making its way to Lake Charles.

The Mayoral Election

  • Canidates running: Johnathon Thibodeaux and Jason Todd
  • Jason Todd is back by the CUT
  • Johnathon Thibodeaux was assassinated during a debate, but was resurrected as a Sin-Eater at the morgue in front of cell members.
  • The assassination is currently being covered up, by the cell
  • The Assassination is being blamed on Jason Todd.
  • Jason Todd is now in prison and Johnathon Thibodeaux is running unopposed.


  • There is a new bar in town run by a man with the ability to ward off supernatural creatures.
  • Has a lab in his basement, with various potions.
  • It was thought to be a vampire bar, but this proved to be false.


  • There is a group of people who also fight the Truth in Lake Charles
  • They willingly create believers, to aid in the fight.
  • If a member is no longer needed they mind-wipe them, and leave them useless to anybody.
  • They are led by a powerful mage
  • They left the city for an unknown reason, but have returned.

The New Court

  • There is a group of vampires that showed up in the city.
  • They are mainly Invictus and plan on making Lake Charles, a purely Invictus city.

Closed Cases

An Old Grudge

  • The cell has heard rumors that Sister Rayne Fontenot is running a cult in the prison
  • The cell infiltrated the prison and neutralized the threat

Lab 2, Electric Boogaloo

  • New Slasher labs have popped up in the city
  • One lab was destroyed by the local cell
  • Rumors of another lab circle the cell
  • Rumors have stopped, and the main lab has been destroyed

The Ethereal Abomination

  • An Abomination was released from a tear near the cell house that could go into Twilight.
  • After a fight, the abomination ran, and is currently on the run.
  • Was hiding out in a shack surrounded by gates to different planes.
  • Was killed by a team lead by Nero

The Last Lover

  • Murders being committed by puncture of the femoral artery
  • Discovered to be a new vampire that was taking advantage of the lack of court in the city
  • The vampire was "accidentally" killed in a struggle trying to apprehend him.

The Lab

  • Ethan Little had been kidnapped by a local cop
  • A party at the country club was attacked by a giant of a man, that proved extremely difficult to take down. The Cell did kill him.
  • The root of the man and Ethan's disappearance, was trace to a pharmaceutical lab south of town.
  • The lab was being used to create Slashers, and was destroyed.
  • Dossiers on each of the cell members were discovered at the lab.

The Aztec Assassin

  • Bodies started to show up with their hearts ripped out
  • The hearts were being used in some ritual to worship a corrupted artifact remotely
  • Each of the heart was of a different supernatural template
  • Each cult was disrupted, and neutralized.

The Little Mage

  • There is a young girl in Moss Bluff that is an extremely powerful mage.
  • She has a voice in her head that claims to be here deceased grandmother.
  • She is currently with her family in isolation.

The Band of Mages

  • A group of mages were seen wondering around the city looking for something
  • Have the ability to erase minds.
  • They have disappeared

Abomination in the Underworld

  • During a fight with an abomination, it was able to escape into an Avernian Gate.
  • A team went into the Underworld and fought it for days. A Kerberoi was killed in the process.

The Missing Drug Dealers

  • 3 Missing, brothers called The Raynard Boys
  • The Raynard boys are imprisoned.

Known Incursions

  • 880 Sam Houston Jones Parkway Moss Bluff, LA 70611, on 08/10/2013
  • 11839 Louisiana 26, Louisiana, United States, on 08/10/2013
  • Ryan St Lake Charles, LA 09/07/2013
  • 3820 Sen J Bennett Johnston Avenue Lake Charles, LA 70615, on 10/04/2013
  • 1776 West Prien Lake Road Lake Charles, LA 70601, on 10/04/2013
  • 342 Phils Lane, Louisiana, United States, On 11/02/2013
  • 605 University Drive, Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States, On 01/04/2014
  • 606 North Grace Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States, On 02/01/2014