Lake Charles Accord NPCs

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This is a list of NPCs that have been discovered by the local cell and the information they know about them.

NPC Accordist

  • Steven Roush: mortal, who is apart of the FBI and VASCU, is currently working under DPS to make sure Accordists are safe.
  • Julia Carson: mortal, who is also in the FBI and VASCU, currently working under DPS.
  • Father Jacob Foster : Malleus Maleficarum, also know as the Redeemed.
  • Sarah: Server at Jack Daniel's. Promethean
  • Johnny De La Vega: Former Prince of Imperial Calcasieu, whereabouts unknown.
  • Simon Barton: Mortal meet by the cell during the riot at the Civic Center, not much is known about this mortal.

Lake Charles Police Department

  • Emily Martinez: Head investigator of the special cases division of the LCPD, a recent group formed as a result of the weird crimes going on. She is not a believer, but has been contacted by the cell. She is stone-hearted and calm, even in the face of supernaturals, which she has no knowledge of. She is aware that there are things outside of her understanding going on.
  • Eric Campbell: A captain at the LCPD, he has been tapped as a believer, nothing is known about what has happened.

Court of Imperial Calcasieu


  • Duke Nutok: Prince of Imperial Calcasieu
  • Philip Thron: The Prince's Harpy

Lancea Sanctum

  • Ren: Gangrel Priscus

Ordo Dracul

  • Yancy Flanders: Grand Wyrm of the Ordo Dracul
  • Yorren: Mehket Priscus

Night Life of Lake Charles

  • Tolos: A average man, who owns and is the bartender at the back Tolos's. He has some mystical abilities, he has no RQ.

City Hall

  • Regina Westbrook: Mayor of Lake Charles, currently showing a full support of humanity and DPS.

The Church of Ultimate Truth

  • Henry "Ray" Jones: New leader of the CUT in Lake Charles. His abilities are currently unknown.

Billy Club (Formely known as the Disciples of the Forsaken)

Head Followers:

  • Gayton Cheever: A goat Changing breed who was nearly killed by mortals, but saved by someone known as the Forsaken. Gayton shows full loyalty to the Forsaken and is one of the founders of the former Disciples.
  • Shadow Dragon: A Changeling who was nearly killed by mortals, but was saved by someone known as the Forsaken. Shadow Dragon wishes to repay the Forsaken, by trying to make the world recognize Supernaturals as equals and save those who are being hunted down.
  • Osaya Tanaka: Former member of the Omni Corp, who was also saved by the Forsaken. He serves as a member of the Billy Club now.

Accomplices to Accordists

  • James: a changeling Was saved by Billy Masters before he could be experimented on Evolutionary Technologies. Meet his death fighting an abomination.
  • Jane: a changeling who was a stripper until the reveal of supernaturals existing, she is Billy's contact with the Hedge and some of the Changelings in the area.
  • George Wada: A mortal lawyer that is attempting to show corruption in DPS.
  • Johnathan Thibideaux: The Former Mayor of Lake Charles who was captured by DPS, but rescued by the Compound. He now stays as a side supporter to the cell.

Local News

  • Anthony McGomery: KPLC news head
  • Alison Reynolds: Fox 29 news head
  • Johnathan Raynard: American Press news head
  • Ryan Norman: Vinton News, news head
  • Frank Oswen: Times of Southwest Louisiana news head
  • Philip Fontenot: Labor Leader news head
  • Jessica Savoy: Southwest Daily News news head